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November 29, 2007


Next Tuesday, December 4, Noon, at Denver Pavilions-Maggiano's, 500 16th Street, 16th St Mall, The Lions Club of Denver is hosting a special program on the Colorado Caucus। December 5 is the deadline for registering to vote and affiliating with a party to be able to vote in the February 5 neighborhood precinct caucuses that will be held across the state.

Announcing the meeting, John Wren, Lions Club of Denver board member, said, "This is not a debate about which party to join, but rather a joint presentation about how the Colorado Caucus system can serve the average person who wants to make a difference। We hope the meeting is of value to our community as those new to the state and new to politics decide how best to participate in our unique Colorado Caucus system.

"One survey has shown that only 8% of the people in Colorado know about our bi-annual caucus, and most of them have not attended in the past. I personally hope this program helps change those sad facts, and that it serves as a model to encourage other Lions Clubs and other service clubs and groups across the state to make a Colorado Caucus Day a bi-annual event."

Paat Waak, Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party www। and Dick Wadhams, Chair of the Colorado GOP will speak on "Since 1912-- The Colorado Caucus: The Best Chance for the Common Person to Serve in Elected Public Office."

John Wren was one of the founders of Save the Caucus which defeated Amendment 29 in 2002 which would have ended the Colorado caucus-assembly system for nominating to the primary ballot, and the founder of the Colorado Caucus Community of Practice which is now holding a weekly Denver Grassroots Rally. He is also the Denver GOP District 5 Captain।

The meeting is open to everyone, lunch is $15 for guests. For more information, see or call (303) 504-6293.

ON THIS DAY IN: 1782 - American Revolutionary War: Treaty of Paris (1783) — In Paris, representatives from the United States and the Kingdom of Great Britain sign preliminary peace articles (later formalized as the 1783 Treaty of Paris). 1874 – Born: Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Nobel laureate (d. 1965) 1995 - Official end of Operation Desert Storm.

DENVER POST Editorial about the Colorado Caucus: Remember, it's not enough to be registered, a process that's automatic if you voted in the last election. You must also be listed as a Republican or Democrat (by next Wednesday, December 5) to attend that party's caucus. If you are, this year your voice may help choose a president.

Join me this afternoon for:

Denver IDEA Café Startup Workshop. 2 pm, Panera Bread, 13th & Grant St. Free and open to all, we just as you bring your brain for the brainstorming. Info & RSVP at

Denver Grassroots Rally, 4 pm, Panera Bread, 13th & Grant St. Like a poetry reading for politics. Sign up sheet to speak opens at 3:30 pm, or RSVP at This afternoon we will be discussing the Colorado Caucus system, or whatever else is on your mind. Join us!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy birthday daughter Brooke!

I just went to, put in your office address and found,
and the flowers are on the way to your office! David said they should be
there in about 2 hours. I love you!

Ben Franklin impersonator in Washington State:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

On this day in: 1660 - At Gresham College, 12 men, including Christopher Wren, Robert Boyle, John Wilkins, and Sir Robert Moray decide to found what is later known as the Royal Society. 1905 - Irish nationalist Arthur Griffith founds Sinn Féin as a political party with the main aim of establishing a dual monarchy in Ireland. 1925 - The country variety show Grand Ole Opry makes its radio debut on station WSM. 1975 - As the World Turns and The Edge of Night, the final two American soap operas that had resisted going to pre-taped broadcasts, air their last live episodes.

Steamboat Pilot Newspaper Entry into Colorado Caucus PR Contest:

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — It’s a rare chance to participate in national politics at the grass-roots level, and voters who don’t declare a party affiliation by Dec. 5 will miss out on the opportunity.

Next Wednesday is the deadline to declare party affiliation in time to participate in the Feb. 5 precinct caucuses for the Republican and Democratic parties. Those who participate will discover that caucuses can provide an avenue to address political issues important to them as well as have a say in which candidates eventually make it onto their party’s primary ballots. This year’s caucus also provides the opportunity to influence both parties’ presidential nominations.

This year, Colorado — like many other states — moved its caucus date from late March to early February in an effort to have more of a voice in presidential nominations, which often were decided well before Coloradans had a chance to participate.
But that’s not the only reason caucuses often see limited voter participation. Quite frankly, the caucus system can be confusing and intimidating.

While the former may be true, the latter shouldn’t be, Routt County Clerk and Recorder Kay Weinland said.

“It’s kind of intimidating to some people, but it’s just neighborhood meetings,” she said. “It’s truly a party function. It’s the beginning of the political process.”
Caucus attendees will elect delegates for the county assembly and county convention. Delegates typically are elected to advocate for the issues and candidates expressed by their fellow caucus attendees. In other words, the delegates represent the votes of their electors.

The county assembly and county convention entails a similar process, with delegates nominating county-level candidates to appear on local ballots as well as platform issues to carry on to the state and national assemblies and conventions. The county convention leads to the state, congressional and national conventions. It is at the national convention where Republicans and Democrats officially nominate their candidates for president. With the 2008 Democratic National Convention taking place in Denver, some Routt County voters could be there to see it happen.

Almost 6,000 of Routt County’s registered voters are unaffiliated; 5,038 are registered Republican, and 4,500 are registered Democrat. Voters who want any say in the nomination process for local, state and national candidates and party platforms must declare party affiliation, and they must do so by Dec. 5. We encourage all voters to be active in the process. For more information about local caucuses, call Weinland at 870-5556.