Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Congratulations to my niece Katie Wren  and her long-time friend Will Petock  who got married Sunday, May 27. They were both actors in “Colorado Quickies” five years ago, and I’ve been told it was love at first sight, but the long courtship was anything but quick. I'm so proud of them both. It was the most beautiful wedding at the Dunafon Castle just west of Morrison, which I’d never seen before.

My friend Barry Moltz just published solid advice on how to be mentally tough: focus on solutions, accept what you can’t change, keep a log, practice. Very much worth taking a couple of minutes to read the entirearticle (click here.)

Writer Ed Qullen passed on Sunday, reportedly sitting in his favorite chair reading history. Wouldn’t you love to know what historical event triggered the massive heart attack? Maybe he was reading about the history of the Denver Symphony, something he didn’t think should be supportedwith tax dollars (click here.)  Looking at what’s happened to it since the SCFD tax was passed, looks like he was right. Now they’ve even dropped DSO, now CSO—the name change really helped, didn’t it--nominal support for the Denver Debutante Ball.

Scott Appel who lost his wife and house in the Lower North Fork fire has a column in the Denver Post today arguing that tax dollars should be used to make things right in the mountains for people who build in the forest and get hurt by fire. I don’t think Ed would like that idea either. 

Front page story in the Denver Post today about the light rail to Longmont, promised in the FastTracs vote in 2004, is getting delayed, may never be built, and the need for another tax increase. Where are the liars who told us the light rail system would be built on time and within budget? Head of RTD at the time is long gone, but then Mayor J-Hic is now is in the Governor’s office, where it looks like we may soon have a Wells Fargo logo as naming rights to our Capitol are sold to bail out the stalled reconstruction.

Political party affiliation is sharply off, according to a new poll conducted by Pew Research Center.  For the last two years I’ve been registered Unaffiliated, and I went to both of my precinct caucuses and district assemblies.

Another big story in the Denver Post today is the crackdown in Denver on overnight campers in Civic Center Park and the 16th street mall. There is also a special on metro-Denver area parks, should make today’s issue a big seller with the homeless.

Since 2009 Harvard and an education magazine have been tracking the opinions of teachers compared to those of the general public. The split is growing wider: “a majority of teachers often takes positions contrary to those of a plurality of both the public and the affluent on key issues such as teachers unions, the rights and prerogatives of teachers, and school vouchers. Plainly, the battles over school reform are far from over.” For the complete report (click here.)

Dr. Steven Greer, a surgeon who is also CEO of The HealthCare Channel  gives an insidelook at the way money was doled out through one of the Affordable Care Act’s new bureaucracies. It’s not a pretty picture.  

Monday, May 14, 2012

The South Metro  IDEA Cafe meets this afternoon (Monday, May 14) at Koelbel Library, and the Denver IDEA Cafe meets again this Friday at Charlie Brown's in the Colburn. Speakers on startup and brainstorming. Free. New sessions are being organized around metro-Denver, for more information and optional RSVP see http://meetup.com/SBCC-Startup-Workshops
Colorado's Jefferson Smith, Rep. Frank McNulty, should stop Senate Bill 2 today by killing it in committee. Join us on the West steps of the Colorado State Capitol to recognize his courage in standing up to a transitory majority manufactured by powerful forces, our representative democracy at it's finest. https://www.facebook.com/pages/COLORADO-CATHOLIC-CONFERENCE/57931475715

Sunday, April 29, 2012

  My friend Walt Young on his 50+ years as a barber of East Colfax here in Denver. "Life is sweet." 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I just posted my thoughts about the state assembly and convention I attended today, you can see them on COCaucus.org (click here.)