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Here's the revised preface with the additional footnote for Tim McGovern:


## Preface

Writing has always been a significant part of my journey, and the inspiration to take it seriously came from an unexpected source during my tenure as the Public Relations Director for Sentinel Newspapers. It was there that I met Tim McGovern, a remarkable man whose passion for writing was palpable. Tim held weekly brown bag sessions for all the reporters and editorial writers, which I had the privilege to attend. His reference point was William Zinsser’s seminal work, *On Writing Well*, a book that he credited with honing his craft.

Over the years, I delved into Zinsser’s other books and numerous articles, one of which was particularly impactful. In an article for *American Scholar*, Zinsser discussed the art of writing an autobiography, emphasizing the importance of crafting it one chapter at a time. This piece resonated deeply with me, laying the groundwork for the journey I am about to embark on with you, dear reader.

This book, "Killing Time With Wren," is not just a collection of stories; it is a chronicle of moments that have shaped my life, each written with the intention of sharing the wisdom and insights I've gathered along the way. The title reflects a whimsical yet profound journey through time, one that I hope will resonate with you as much as it has with me.

Each week, I will sit down to write, sharing my thoughts, experiences, and reflections, which will then be posted on my blog, [](, or on a new blog specifically created for this purpose. This process will also be the foundation of my new weekly podcast, aptly named "Killing Time With Wren."

The plan is straightforward: I will self-publish these chapters on Amazon's Creative Commons, as I have done with previous works, with the hope of eventually attracting a traditional publishing house. The goal is to produce a best-seller, not just for the accolade, but to enable me to buy meaningful and cherished Christmas gifts for my family and friends—a gesture of love and appreciation that I hold dear (or so I've heard; this will be my first, and at age 77, possibly last, time doing it myself).

This book is dedicated to Tim McGovern, who, God bless his soul, inspired me to embrace writing with the seriousness and passion it deserves. It is also a tribute to William Zinsser, whose teachings continue to guide my pen. I invite you to join me on this journey, one chapter at a time, as we explore the myriad experiences that make up a life well-lived.


Tim McGovern (October 22, 1947 - December 24, 2020) was a distinguished writer and editor who worked at Sentinel Newspapers, owned by Cowles Media in Minneapolis, MN. Known for his dedication to the craft of writing, Tim contributed significantly to the journalistic community through his prolific writing and editorial work. His career spanned various roles, including city hall reporter for The Denver Post, managing editor of the Durango Herald, and editor-in-chief of the suburban Sentinel Newspapers. He also founded Power Points, Inc., which ran successful sports contest promotions for newspapers nationwide [oai_citation:1,Tim McGovern Obituary (1947 - 2020) - Denver, CO - Denver Post]( [oai_citation:2,Tim McGovern Obituary - Death Notice and Service Information]( [oai_citation:3,Tim McGovern Obituary (2021) - Legacy Remembers](


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