Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What we call educational events:

Concerned? Don't miss new Netflix "Mind Hunter."

Netflix new release "Mind Hunter" is one of the best ways to get in touch with the real worldwide problem we have today, and the only solutions are to lock more people up or to reach out to our neighbors and to be of real help to them.

Monday, October 16, 2017

How to find a good job fast.

Watch the video below, or better yet just do it. Right now!
See steps listed below video. When you find job, call me, ok?


                                    SKIP TO LAST 10 MIN. NEW PHONE 720-495-4949

How to find a good job fast:

1. Open your address book, hand written and/or computer.

2.  Make a list of those who know you well enough they know what you do.

3.  Write a script, call me if you want help, that says "I've decided to go in a new direction.

4.  Get your friends, you'll know who they are after you do this, to open their address book.

5.  Get one name and number at a time, asking for spelling, how do you know them, etc.

6.  Get as many names as possible, you'll be surprised how many some are willing to give.

7.  Once you have the first referal, write a script. Again, call me if you want help.

8.  Call, don't talk with screeners, only person on the list. Don't leave messages.

9.  When your next boss comes on the phone say, "(your friend) suggested I call you."

10. Immediately close "(Your friend) thought I could be helpful to you." GET APPOINTMENT.

THIS WORKS EVERY TIME IT HAS EVER BEEN TRIED. JUST DO IT! PLENTY OF JOBS! Make the list, make the first call, get the appointment. When? Now! Or call me for help on writing the scripts, doing a practice call or two, AFTER YOU MAKE THE LIST. (720)495-4949

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Are you a member of a cult?

Full Question

Why are religious groups such as Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses called "cults," while other groups, such as Fundamentalists and Calvinists, are not? Don't all of these groups teach cultic doctrines?


The word "cult" has fallen on hard times. Used authentically, it refers to a grouping of people for some religious purpose; it can also refer to specific ceremonial, liturgical,

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Talk about startup.

The more we talk about startup, the fewer new business starts.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

What is your foundation? Rock or sand?

I try to end and start the day listening to Pray as You Go (click here to hear it.)

This morning's meditation particularly powerful: "Can you share your deepest desire with God?"

I'm going to suggest the topic of "Foundations" at Socrates Cafe tonight at DU, next Tuesday at Trinity Church, and Friday at LoDo Panera. Join us? More info on our meetup site about all 3, or let us help you start a new one at a time and place that would work better for you. More info and optional rsvp on our Meetup site, check it out: 

For more about the Small Business Chamber and the Startup Show click here.

PLEASE RE-TWEET AND SHARE you never know who wants to start in a new direction with their work and would really appreciate knowing about the free help we offer.

Also, please share it in a personal email to the board members of your local chamber of commerce and the publisher of your local community newspaper, we would be delighted to talk with you or them about how the Small Business Chamber of Commerce can help them start a new Socrates Cafe.

Call first for an appointment. A volunteer will return you call asap, usually by the start of the next business day, Monday- Friday except holidays. FOR MORE NOW SEE "Daring Might Things-- The Simplest Way to Start Your First (or Next) New Business." click here

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