Monday, June 20, 2005

I just sent this out to about 500 of my closest friends: (Why does blogger scramble it?)
Can you join us for this CRITICAL meeting Friday?
PLEASE forward this along, OK?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more: John WrenJune 20, 2005 cell phone: (720)495-4949 Denver IDEA Café is Now a Meetup.Com Group, Plans World-Wide Growth. Starting this Friday, June 24, 2 p.m. IDEA Café will be a monthly group. June Denver location: Panera Bread, 13th & Grant in Denver. Speaker: Kevin Mullikin, Internet Marketing Consultant who for the last 5 years has helped Colorado attorneys and law firms increase the effectiveness of their websites, and increase the amount of qualified traffic they receive to their website, Details at, or call (303)861-1447. John Wren, founder of IDEA Café (originally the IDEA Association) said, “This Friday will be the "pilot" for our new monthly meeting format, I hope you will join us! Our goal is to have an IDEA Café in every major U.S. City by the end of the year, in every major country by the end of 2006. Please RSVP at, especially if you CAN NOT attend this month so we can notify you where the meetings will be held next month. We hope to make this the #1 networking event for people who are starting new careers and new businesses, new projects and new campaigns.” Wren continued, “Since 1994, we have invited successful entrepreneurs to share their experience and to do brainstorming. Now we also give out information about how to start or join a Franklin Circle for ongoing support. “Ben Franklin formed the first Franklin Circle in 1727. The unique Franklin Circle format has been cited by Training Magazine as a good example of modern adult self-directed learning group, it may have been Franklin's best invention!” John Wren is a business consultant and adult educator. Since 1979 he has helped hundreds of startups, and he led the first IDEA Café in 1994 as a way to promote his TV show “John Wren’s Journal.” See or contact him at (303)861-1447 or

What is Meetup.Com? See
"What's driving all this togetherness? More than anything, an emerging generation of Net technologies. They include file-sharing, blogs, group-edited sites called wikis, and social networking services such as…, which has helped everyone from Howard Deaniacs to English bulldog owners in New York form local groups. Those technologies are finally teasing out the Net's unique potential in a way that neither e-mail nor traditional Web sites did. The Net can, like no other medium, connect many people with many others at the same time." -- Rob Hof, BusinessWeek ### John S. Wren, M.B.A.Grassroots Educator & Consultant for StartupsBusinesses, Projects, Careers, and Campaigns960 Grant Street, #727 Denver, CO 80203 (303) ........................