Tuesday, February 22, 2022

WSJ, for better or worse, inspired me to start writing a book.

 When the Wall Street Journal decided it didn't want to hear my ideas about podcasts after I'd listened to their new one as they requested, this is what I started, to be called "Who is John Wren," inspired by the husband of my mother's cousin "Curly" who put out large ashtrays in public places like the airport with "Who is Leo 'Curly' Smith," in large letters with his phone number. 

This is what I just wrote, 

Who is John S. Wren?

John S Wren, often starts, never finished, I urge others to "Just Start" too, (see HBR Press), first father and friend, friend, fan of: Socrates, Jesus Christ, Ben Franklin, Malcolm Knowles, Fag Foster, and Janet Wren. Founder SBCC, IDEA Cafe. Go!

This morning the Wall Street Journal asked for my opinion about their new podcasts, ok said I, found the Larry Summers interview, who said exactly Fag Foster, who taught at the University of Denver, who left us his class notes and publications online, he says, to take in financial forecasts first, funnier than the funnies, always say the same thing: "The economy may go down, it may go up, or it may stay about the same" and it's funny because they have to come up with a new way to say it every day!

After the 30 minute podcast ended, on to www.WSJ.com/survey as instructed, and up popped the first question, "tell us something about yourself, which I did, it disappeared, and they asked again, "tell us something about yourself," which I did again, but this time copying the words, which you see above, the process then repeated once more, resulting in:

Who is John S Wren? Oldest of 3, fan of few, friend of many, responded to a Southern Baptist alter call when 9, father of son who did the same, 3 daughters, grandfather of 5, founder  SBCC, IDEA Cafe, Socrates Cafe Society., 

WSJ just emailed my comments back? Why? See my next post here later today.

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Some of us think Ben Franklin's best invention was the peer adviory group, the one he started called itself The Junto. Read about it in Franklin's "Autobiography", best version is the Yale fully annotated edition.
Has anyone suggested the smiley face campaign to President Trump?
As we all know, telemarketing eventually became synonymous with telephone sales after Bell stopped their support. Made it much more difficult to hire professionals to train, and I didn't keep up with computer technology.
Yes, I have a lot of experience with intermittent fasting. When I was wrestling in high school and college fasting was part of the sport, and I developed the habit of skipping breakfast. I stopped skipping it because past experts like this said, "don't skip breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day." So I Now this.   Here is what I want to know: how does the Wall Street Journal or any other publication decide whether or not to print articles like this about health, or anything else for that matter?
If CBT helps, great. If not, there are other options that get lead to permanent change. For recent studies check out Google.com/scholar and search for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.
Bush lost election for second term. I remember clearly attending Arapahoe County Republican Men's Club, being amazed at the nearly universal criticism of him, I spoke up and said "what I'm seeing here today is outrageous, will lead to 
We each have to paddle our own canoe, all education is self-directed. The only important question for me or you is “what do I want to learn today.”  More about this today on Startup Show, Monday thru Friday at 10 am Denver, noon Eastern on our SBCC 
Here in Denver a PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) system was part of the promotional package used to hammer through the purchase of the then privately owned city bus system. I was in graduate business school, and I remember a student political meeting 
Are fewer people wearing wrist watches today? There seem to be more advertising for the high end watches, is the industry promoting the benefits of wearing one? Was this article the result of such an effort?
These cities should lead a reform movement to make tax incentives to induce relocation of existing businesses illegal. It’s bribery that is unfair to local businesses.
Day traders will become play by play sports bettors?? Social value of day trading is contributing to liquidity, making stock more beneficial to investors. What is the social value of sports betting? There is none I can see. May actually do harm by 
Orin Hatch defends BK, he isn’t an angle, but should be judged on his 12 years as a judge and not on two of the worst days in his life, one over 30 years ago and one last week. Orin Hatch support tips the scale for me. I think it’s important Judge 
If the last 70 years was examined for doctors and coaches (from Olympics to Penn State), public school teachers, close relatives, would put this report in the proper context. Are Catholics being penalized for keeping good, complete records? It's 
I just posted this comment on https://Twitter.com/JohnSWren
Purchase of a computer is an allowable 529 expense? Would Hparticipation in a peer led self-directed learning group be allowed? Example would be Vistage or one of the other groups I've listed on my Wall Street Journal Profile
Seems to me self-driving predictions are pure fantasy. Someone gets sick from eating tomatoes and all the tomatoes are recalled. Only a matter of time until those out there now gathering data are sidelined, in my opinion, will be the end of the 
"Are colleges now producing victims instead of citizens?" Join discussion of this now on http://Twitter.com/JohnSWren, join right now to post your thoughts or join us live tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. MDT. WeWorkDEN @WeWork
Has any Senator ever not strongly support a well-qualified SCOTUS nominee from his state? Please speak up Sen. Bennet, be a leader, speak up now, each day, while it will make a difference.
Facebook means business http://Facebook.com/Small.Business.Chamber
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one way to go. Another is a psychodynamic approach, and these CBT tips just don't make sense in that case. Get a referral from your physician, pastor, priest, anyone who is in contact with the treatment community 
9/11 will look like child's play if we walk away from mid-east now and allow the countries there to take their thousand year war nuclear. The next President must play the ball where it is now and look towards the future not the past.
Donald Trump has done a great service to America by running for President. He deserves an answer to his question. I'll be posting it on our http://www.COCaucus.org  by noon MDT when I'll also talk about it on the Startup Show, sponsored by 
I was in graduate school, had met with the Newman House priest after reading Thomas Merton's 7-Story Mountain, but I was still balking. In Casper Wyoming where I was substitute teaching for an economics professor, I by chance picked up a 
We don't controll people moving from California or Alabama to Colorado. This is a big country. Yes, let's double down on keeping all criminals out-- to me we shouldn't dignify criminal behavior by calling it terrorism-- but the essence 
First they say you should, then they say don't... Grapefruit is bad? I've asked Kaiser pharmacist to prove it. I'm going to start looking at the research. My hunch this came from research funded by the Orange Grower's Association.
How Pres. Lincoln and Colorado's Gov. John Evans must and nearly all reasonable people must have felt when they heard yet more news about yet another Indian massacre of our pioneers. "Must be stopped." Why bring this up? Because 
France, US, all national leaders should teach the fact that to end terrorism every citizen must be a soldier. The alternative is becoming a perpetual police states. As a start, leaders should urge every citizen to immediately start carrying a 
Did the reporters discuss the problem of hackers? As I understand it the reason remote flight control of airplanes is possible now, just as with remote control model airplanes and drones, but the risk of hackers is too great. No 100% method exists