Friday, August 30, 2013

Starting? Want free help?

Starting in a new direction with your work?

Want help?

Then watch The Startup Show! 

Each week we bring you startup help,  live at 5 each Monday and other events throughout the week ahead that are announced on the show. Next Monday from 5 to 6 p.m. watch live via YouTube Live Broadcasts, Google+ Live Hangouts, or right here on Bad time? Starting right after the broadcast you can watch a recording of the show on our YouTube Channel or right here, a link to the recording is embeded, click through it to YouTube and our Small Business Chamber channel if you want to comment and/or subscribe so you won't miss any of the show.

Labor Day Edition with special guest today, entrepreneur and singer/songwriter Valerie Connelly! :

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Go+Group, free information meeting.

Free 45-minute information meeting, call me to set up a special session for your chamber or other group, (call 303-861-1447, call any time but best time to connect with me right away is 9:30 to 11am, Monday thru Friday. 

Public session each Wednesday (today) just watch, or be one of the 3 to RSVP to be on the show at the video Roundtable, for more see message I just posted on 

This life is short, let's get started! 

Stories! Stories!

Ed Wells opens the show for
the 46th time with his story,
"How to use spelunking."

This is what I read this evening at Ed Wells’ Stories! Stories! at the Mercury Café in Denver. Ed puts this on the 4th Tuesday of each month, this was his 46th session.

My story takes place in Denver Union Station, fall 1965; Maggianos, Denver Pavillions, fall 2005; Philadelphia, 1727; and heaven. Here it is:

Astonished, I waive back through the glass window of my private sleeping compartment. 

The train jerks before we suddenly start to roll away. I look out the window just before the train leaves behind mom and my two younger brothers, they are all smiles and they waive,  and behind them is pop, he waives, trys to put on a smile, but clearly he is crying, tears fill his eyes, tears stream down his red face. Until this moment I had absolutely no idea how he felt about me leaving, and neither did he, I can see now.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Today! Lindsey Stapay on The Startup Show!

Lindsey Stapay NW SBDC Coordinator will be with us at 5 p.m. today on The Startup Show. Join us! YouTube Live Broadcasts, Google+ Live Hangouts, or here on, plus we are on any radio or TV channel, broadcast or Internet that wants to pick us up. Link here on converts to a link to recording of the show immediately after the broadcast. If you have questions for Lindsey M. Stapay (see her on Facebook) you can post them now or during the show on 

If you have news about you or your business you'd like us to announce on the show today or anytime, post it on our Small Business Chamber Facebook Page 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Help to strengthen the grassroots.

For years I've had an interest in the Colorado caucus-assembly system for nominating to the primary ballot, in my opinion the best chance the common person has for serving in elected public office. See 

Here's a new idea. Let's created a new business, doing well by doing good, with grassroots civic education and a Welcome Wagon type neighborhood marketing network. 

Let's write a handbook for Colorado citizens, update every year, sell to newcomers through a network of neighborhood representatives who will welcome newcomers and be the hub for neighborhood communications.

The citizen handbook will cover the caucus system, referendum , recall and initiatives, as well as how to get elected to public office. 

If you'd be interested in being part of this project as a sponsor, neighborhood representative, writer, or advertiser, contact me via or (303)861-1447 see PLEASE SHARE 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Radio Interview and today's Go+Group Online Information Meeting.

Corky Kyle and I talk on his show on Mile High Radio about the Small Business Chamber and what we are doing to help people who want to start a new business or start a new career as an elected public official. Click here 

Today's Go+Group Information Session, broadcast here live from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., this link converts to a link to a recording immediately after the broadcast:

Recruiting paid group leaders.

Would you and/or your associate be interested in leading one of our new 3-person Go+Groups? You choose, you lead 3 for free, I help you form the group for free, or we charge the three a fee you set, and we negotiate a fee you pay me for helping start the group. Free 45-minute meeting online for 3 who are interested, see http://Meetup,com/Small-Biz-Chamber or call me now or later today (303)861-1447 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brainstorming works!

How a brainstorming session is led makes a big, big difference. Lots of little things make a big difference in the results. We've changed to Fresh Thought Hunts in most of our IDEA Startup Workshops, easier to learn, enables everyone to get his or her problem addressed. Join us online or in a face-to-face group, learn the technique, take it back to your business. RSVP no, you'll get an invitation to a future session. More info and RSVP at 

Or invite us to lead a session in your organization. Also, l
et us know if you'd be interested in starting a face-to-face IDEA Startup Workshop in cooperation with your local chamber, we'll help you. Contact John Wren, or (303)861-1447 

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Startup Show, Susan Allard, Denver Business Journal

We talk about Susan's career, networking, and business education.
Susan agreed to take questions all week long, post as YouTube
comment. Russell Dennis shares about US Veteran's Chamber of Commerce

Join us each Monday, 5 to 6 p.m. or come here after each broadcast.

Friday, August 16, 2013

You've seen the Franklin Planner, here's how Thomas Jefferson kept organized.

I've known Thomas Jefferson kept a journal. Until I read this didn't know he kept little notes in his pocket through out the day, then transferred them to his journal in the evening. For years and years I've kept a journal, write mostly in the early morning, I have boxes of them. I'm going to try Jefferson's method and start keeping index cards in my pocket, then copy in the evening. Might take another try at keeping my journal on the computer, print out later, I'm not sure.

Do you keep a journal?
Did you know this about Jefferson?
Do you use a computer for your journal?
If so, have you learned any tricks I might use?

Morning Preparations

Ivory tabs used by Jefferson to keep notesIvory tabs used by Jefferson to keep notes
After his record-keeping, Jefferson started his own fire and soaked his feet in cold water. He maintained the foot bath for sixty years and attributed his good health in part to this habit.
Jefferson's clothes, according to his granddaughter, were "simple and adapted to his ideas of neatness and comfort . . . and sometimes blending the fashions of several periods." In his pockets, Jefferson carried such a variety of portable instruments for making observations and measurements that he's been dubbed a "traveling calculator." Among his collection of pocket-sized devices were scales, drawing instruments, a thermometer, a surveying compass, a level, and even a globe. To record all these measurements, Jefferson carried a small ivory notebook (pictured) on which he could write in pencil. Back in his Cabinet, or office, he later copied the information into any of seven books in which he kept records about his garden, farms, finances, and other concerns; he then erased the writing in the ivory notebook.

From: Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc-- Monticello Website 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

IDEA Startup Workshop Online with Debbie Burns

Debbie will be here in Denver at Colorado Free University talking about
how to start a medical transcription business:

 Be at the video roundtable next Tuesday, RSVP at

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Go+Groups, a new program for startups to generate earned income for Small Business Chamber, scholarships based on need will be offered.

This information went out to the local Denver media last
week. I didn't receive any calls about it, we'll try again.
It would be great to have you in a public Go+Group, no
Those in these first public meetings will become our Go+Group
leaders. Call me if you have any questions. John (303)861-1447 

Longtime Denver Community Activist Asks for Volunteers and Donations.

Denver— Community activist John S Wren today asked for help to expand the work he’s been doing for the last 20 years to “strengthen the grassroots in business and politics.”  For more see or contact Wren at or (303)861-1447

            Making the appeal Wren said, “For nearly 20 years my purpose has been to strenghten the voice of the common person in business and politics,  

            “I’ve had a TV or radio show off and on since the early 90s, I’ve just started a YouTube “Channel” where I’ll be posting new episodes and some of the old. I’ve held hundreds of startup workshops that 5280 Magazine says have ‘infused Denver with an entrepreneurial spirit.’ New Go Groups provide consulting for the price of a workshop, and they will be made available for free to as many as possible. For more about the new Go Groups, see

            “The Rocky Mountain News named me in their editorial that recognized Save the Caucus for defeating Amendment 29 in 2002 which would have killed our wonderful neighborhood caucus-assembly system, the best friend of the common person who wants to serve in elected public office.  I continue encourage informed participation with
            “As I have since 1994, I continue to invite you to call me if you want help starting in a new direction with your work. But now also please contact me if you’d be willing to help with this work with startups as a volunteer or if you’re willing to contribute financially,” said Wren.


John S. Wren, MBA+ (303)861-1447 has done business consulting since 1979. He is past President of the University of Denver Graduate Student Association, the Denver City Club, Metro South Optimists, and the founding President of the Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association and the new Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Wren has been a candidate and local leader as a Republican and as a Democrat, he is currently registered Unaffiliated, something he rarely suggests for others. He’s an active member of Denver St. Ignatius of Loyola Church and 1311 York Street Club. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Watch now! Starting? Pivoting? Want help?

John Wren's The Startup Show, sponsored by the Small Business Chamber of Commerce is on each Monday, 5 to 6 p.m. Mountain (7 to 8 p.m. Eastern, 4 to 5 p.m. Pacific)

 The Startup Show answers your questions about starting in a new direction with your work, your questions about starting a new career, a new project or campaign, or a new business.

Tweet your questions, right now if you want, and Tweet your answers, to A link to the show will be posted right here just before show time, or watch on Google+ Live Hangouts or YouTube Live Broadcasts. The link here converts to a link to a recording of the show just after the broadcast.

Tweet your answers? Yes. We intend to create a one-hour and beyond on air brainstorming frenzy, join us when we are one live, or join us laster. SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS WHO MIGHT LIKE TO JOIN US BECAUSE THEY ARE STARTING/ PIVOTING OR THEY HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE. THANKS!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Last communication about Small Business Chamber here. Maybe.

I just sent out this memo to our Small Business Chamber/ IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop members. In the future this type of communication about the Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc and  all our various activities will only be posted on and/or our Facebook Page and/or our Google+ Page click here . (Unless you object and I suddenly realize this would be a mistake, If you see something wrong with this please let me know ASAP.)

If you didn't get the memo below directly from me via an email from and you'd like to next time, please become a (free) member and RSVP for an IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop or other event at at 

Questions or suggestions for me? Contact me at (303)861-1447 or  Post comments here if you'd rather talk with all of us. Here's what I just sent out.

Friday, August 9, 2013

To:  Small Business Chamber IDEA Cafe Meetup Members
From:  John S Wren, founder & CEO, Small Business Chamber of Commerce Inc
Contact John at or (303)861-1447 To RSVP for an IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop or the new Go Group see

1.  Our weekly broadcast The Startup Show is looking for a few good guests to share their startup story. We'll be recruiting at our IDEA Cafe Startup Workshops, there is an online meeting each Tuesday afternoon. For more see The Startup Show Facebook Page

2.  Free IDEA Cafe Startup Workshops are in Boulder this morning (thanks Toby and Steve) and in Denver, which I'll be leading myself today. I also lead an online IDEA Cafe each Tuesday afternoon. If you want to start a new IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop in cooperation with your local chamber or other group, I'll help you. Let me know if you are interested and I'll invite you to the next organizers meeting.

3.  New Go Groups are like Franklin Circles on steroids, they are for people who are serious about getting started. I personally interview those who participate, I'd love to talk with you about it. We've set a group up here on (it's at the bottom of the scheduled events, no date), we ask you to RSVP and to pay in advance, we only want people who are serious. Scholarships are available, and I'm looking for a couple of Go Group leaders. Call me with any questions. (303)861-1447, call me any time, I try to pick up the phone right away 9:30 to 11 Monday thru Friday and I'll be picking up tomorrow morning (Saturday, August 10.)

4.  I've made a media release about what we are doing that asks for help. I'll be posting it on later today, that's where I'm asking people to go who would like to make an online contribution for a Go Group scholarship or who would like to help me get our various activities transformed into a real, functioning non-profit. Again, call me if you have any questions. (303)861-1447.

Thanks to Russell, John, Toby, Steve, Don, Bill and all the others who have been helping with this recently, and to all those who have helped over the past nearly 20 years to get us to this point, again Bill, last year Sharon, Richard, Ken, Paul, Fran, Marilyn, Karl, Eustace, Tom, earlier David, Bill, Doug, Barbara, Polly, Dennis, John, and all the rest.

Our mission is to strengthen the grassroots in business and politics by helping people get a good start with a new career, a new business or a pivot with a new project or campaign.

If we are successful at an IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop, those who are attending are too busy to come back the next week. But hopefully they will join one of the Go Groups we are forming and/or they will join or start a Franklin Circle. If this spreads as we expect it to over the next few months, we believe it will help bring about a dramatic drop in the unemployment rate.  Will you help us? Again?

No RSVP is required, but it saves you a seat until the start of the meeting, which is sometimes very helpful. To save a seat for one of today's IDEA Cafes, or for next Tuesday's online meeting (limited to 7 who want to have a seat at the online virtual roundtable, but unlimited for those who want to just watch) to to PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED, OK? AN EASY WAY IS TO JUST FORWARD THIS EMAIL ALONG WITH YOUR NOTE. SEND IT TO THOSE WHO MIGHT NEED HELP, AND TO THOSE WHO MIGHT BE WILLING TO HELP US, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO MIGHT CONTRIBUTE TO THE SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR THE GO GROUPS. THANKS!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

We share startup experience and ideas, join us!

Online IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop this afternoon, 4 to 5 p.m. Mountain, 6 to 7 p.m. Eastern. Come here today (Tue, Aug 6) at that time to watch right here, or watch via YouTube Live Broadcasts or Google+ Live Hangouts. To be on the video roundtable, RSVP on the page for today's meeting on  

The live broadcast will be converted to a recording, if you can't be with us live, come back here anytime to watch, or see our Small Business Chamber of Commerce Inc YouTube Channel click here

Starts here at 4 p.m. This converts to recorded show after broadcast.