Saturday, December 29, 2012

After graduate school I worked as Assistant-to-the-President of Outdoor Sports Industries here in Denver. It was a great job. I helped prepare the annual report, installed a strategic planning system with the managers, published a monthly news letter for the board of directors, coordinated a management training program, and was involved in acquisition analysis, charitable contributions, and represented the company on various organizations.

OSI, listed on the American Stock Exchange, went from $2 to $27 a share while I was with them. They eventually sold to the Brown Group.

When I started, OSI sent me to a week long American Management Association workshop "The Assistant-to Positions.

I then used vacation time to lead the workshop myself a couple of times, when Victor Phillips, who had led the workshop I attended and who had written a book the AMA published with the same title, couldn't fit it into his schedule.

If you'd like to find a job as the Assistant-to-the-President, please call me. I want to help 2 or 3 people get hired, and then offer a workshop or webinar now that the AMA has discontinued it. 

Also contact me if you own a business and would possibly like to hire an Assistant-to.

Contact me at or (303)861-1447. To make sure I'm sitting by the phone when you call, set an appointment by clicking the "Set Appointment" button to the left on this page.