Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Socrates Cafe on One Page.




Tuesday, August 25, 2020

LISTEN! Ben Franklin had a good relationship with every religious institution in Philadelphia. Shall we discuss this tonight? Everyone reading this is invited to the Socrates Cafe that usually meets at Denver Trinity Church, for now online, check it out: http://Meetup.com/Socrates-Cafe-Society
I'll start tonight by talking about my weak faith...

Monday, August 24, 2020

Were you part of a start at DU?

 If the University of Denver was important to something you started, I'd very much like to talk with you.

DU was critically important for me when I started the first meeting of what we now call the IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop over 20 years ago and what we now call the Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

I'm writing an article about what has started at DU since it was founded, with the focus first on what's started in the last 50 some years since I graduated. My hope is that what I write will be worthy of publication in the Clarion and/or the DU magazine.

Please forward this along to anyone you know who might be willing to share their DU startup story with me.


John Wren, DU BA'69 MBA'80 (303)861-1447

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

CEO Outlook

The Wall Street Journal/Vistage Small Business CEO Survey is intended to reveal insights on the sentiment of U.S. CEOs and small-business owners from a broad range of industries.

It is limited to the heads of firms with annual revenues ranging from $1 million to $20 million. Respondents represent a random sampling out of a universe of members of Vistage International, a peer advisory organization for CEOs and senior-level executives based in San Diego.


Saturday, August 01, 2020

cc: Socrates Cafe Society Membership Mailing

John S Wren (Organizer) sent a message to the Socrates Cafe Society mailing list
Socrates Cafe

August 1, 2020

Dear Socrates Cafe Society Member,

1.  We've just now (4:05 p.m.) changed the link for Zoom for this afternoon's meeting. We've set it so no password is needed, you will be admitted from the Zoom waiting room that you will enter when you click the link. At least that's what is supposed to happen.

2.  In case you have any problem today, I suggest two things: first, join me at 6:15 p.m. for the "meeting before the Socrates Cafe," informal conversation that very often yields a great topic when we meet face to face; and second, if you have any problem please text me on (720)495-4949, ok?

3.  Our Socrates Cafe Society has been and continues to be sponsored by the Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc, which also sponsors other activities believe to achieve the purpose of strengthening the voice of the grassroots, the average person, in business and politics.

4.  If you haven't already you might want to join the SBCC while it's still free. It's fast and free, just "Visit Group" on the SBCC Facebook Page, you are taken there when you click on www.SmallBizChamber.org

5. Another project of the SBCC that has gotten off to a slow start is Wren College of Social Learning, "We teach to learn." The intention is to use the Internet to connect neighbors where we work and where we live by recruiting and training volunteers to start Socrates Cafes. To be invited to an information session fill out the very, very short application on www.WrenCollage.org

If you are a member of SBCC please make sure you have posted an introduction of yourself and what you do, and update it whenever there is major news about yourself or any business or other organization that you own or support with your time and money. I'll be posting more about myself and SBCC there soon. "Visit Group" and join us if you haven't already, www.SmallBizChamber.org

If you are starting in a new direction with your work, starting a new career, a new project or campaign, or a new business, or if you want to start up something new, join us any Friday for the SBCC IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop. www.Meetup.com/Small-Biz-Chamber. It's free and open to everyone, we just ask that you bring your brain for the brainstorming.

If you need and want help, never hesitate to call the SBCC Hotline. Right now all calls are being taken by John Wren. Also call if you'd be willing to have the calls call forwarded to you for a few hours each month, also call if you'd like to be on the list of volunteers willing to help those who call us. Call 24/7 (303)861-1447. All calls are returned, but it may take a while. In a medical or other emergency first call 911, of course. Call SBCC Hotline at (303)861-1447

Please Note: If you hit "REPLY", your message will be sent to everyone