Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Take a look at our Facebook Page Lots of info on civil unions, the gay marriage in sheep skins that's being rammed through the Colorado legislature. We say, let the people vote.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Each part needs to learn discernment of spirits by reading scripture, we can drive out anything that did not come from God.

Holy Ghost 5:10 p Mass

The body has many parts...

Wonderful Sunday morning

Catching #10 bus back to my apartment after lunch with youngest daughter at Mercury Cafe for great breakfast and wonderful music, stop at Tattered Cover, then meetup with oldest daughter and grand daughter, the three of them head to zoo, me to do laundry, which I've put off for too long.

Our new Colorado Political Committee to fight SB11 and Civil Unions being ignored by media

But a reporter for CNS did Tweet this: @kevinjjones: Tireless community organizer @JohnSWren was at anti-#civilunions rally yesterday spreading word about his site

Article in Denver Catholic Register to follow? I'll let you know if they call.

Jesus criticized the lukewarm, but that's exactly where the Catholic Church is in Colorado with it's lobbying efforts. The Colorado Catholic Conference Facebook Page that had been up for a long, long time had less than 140 "Likes", maybe it's time for the office to be shut down and the staff sent on retreat. When your tank is disabled and blocking a bridge, sometimes it has to be shoved into the river.

What really irritates me is that now they don't even allow posts on their Facebook Page. Big waste of time and money. I think a case could be made that civil unions wouldn't be about to pass in Colorado if the Colorado Catholic Conference had just stayed clear out of the elections last fall.

Hickenlooper and Denver in news

See #J-Hic re Denver drops from #3 to #24 in 2nd edition of Richard Florida's Rise of the Creative Class rankings of most creative cities.

Has #J-Hic been watching The Good Wife?(politician's wife main character, they separated, he went to jail, she's now helping him run for Governor.) NYT article says he claims his wife offered to not leave him if he ran for US President. Does that mean she will come back if he runs against Hillary Clinton in 2016?

This should be no surprise. (Also Tweeted link) #J-Hic and mental health in news.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

SBCC Facebook Page Hits 4,000 Likes

We've formed the Small Business Chamber to cooperate with local chambers across Colorado and beyond to organize IDEA Cafe Startup Workshops, hope you'll "Like" and "Share" it, see