Sunday, July 30, 2006

Henry Ford's birthday today, you can read a short bio about his life in the obit that was published in 1947 when he died Took him years of persistent effort to get started, key to his success was PR from early auto races.
Dr. Amar Bhide has a new article about financing options for new business enterprises in the new eJournal Capitolism and Society Makes another good argument for the importance of bootstrapping in a market economy.
Debbie Weil website for her new book about blogging, sign up for her free newsletter
Debbie Weil's new book on blogging triggered this article in the New York Times today Makes me wonder if 499 Fortune 500 CEOs could be wrong-- none of them blog. The one that does, CEO of Sun Microsystems, says he sees his #1 job as being a communicator, he doesn't see how any CEO could NOT have a blog. Weil's new book looks interesting, has a free newsletter that I'm going to start getting. Watch here to see if it inspires me to post more often!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

How Would Ben Franklin Vote?

Debate to celebrate the 300th birthday of Benjamin Franklin. Held in Denver, Colorado with some of the areas top political leaders and Jo Ann Skousen, co-editor with her husband Mark Skousen of the new The Completed Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Would Ben Franklin be a Republican or Democrat today? Would he attend his neighborhood caucus? (Jo Ann Skousen talks about his being a pamphleteer, today would he be a videoteer?)