Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The new Denver Startup Forum (DSF) community of practice for people interested in startup is off to a great start. Our mission is to stimulate dialog and learning about the startup process, how ideas become effective action. We'll do it through a weekly meeting (attendance limited to the first 12 to RSVP), posting a video and audio recording of the weekly meeting online, and continuing the dialog throughout the week online.

DSF went online about a week ago, already has 58 members. There are still a couple of seats left for tomorrow's first weekly luncheon meeting near I25 & Colorado Blvd. here in Denver.

Membership and attendance at the luncheon are both free now, to join and RSVP for the luncheon go to

IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop will continue. It's a one-time boost for people when they are at a turning point starting a new campaign, project, career, or new business.


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  2. Denver Startup Forum became Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc and our various online groups. Check it out:


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