Saturday, January 04, 2020

Where is your star?

Find Your Star:

1.  Bring to mind an emotional narrative.
       One of your dreams or daydreams. 
       Some fable, parable, movie, book or news story.
       Inspirational Podcast such as
      A story you told, heard or make-up on the spot.

2.  Associate with narrative, pools of themes/triggers emerge.

4.  Associate with a strong theme and a strong trigger.

5.  Allow a surprising insight to emerge

6. Validate the surprising insight:
a. Make up a story/ daydream.
b. If joyful, take as validation of insight. (consolation.)
c. If negative (desolation), repeat process from #1. 

7.  Follow your star, your 6.b. validated insight.

For more about Lectio-Divina and Self-Processing see: L. William Countryman, The Mystical Way in the Fourth Gospel. Robert Langs, Empowered Psychotherapy—Teaching Self Processing; The Daydream Workbook; and Fundamentals of Adaptive Psychotherapy and Counseling.  Richard Rohr, Breathing Underwater. Ben Franklin, Autobiography. Leo Damrosch, The Club— Johnson, Boswell, and the Friends Who Shaped an Age. And the week 5 New Beginnings Meditation on