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Elon Musk on "Follow the science."

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Meetup Autocalculates Correct Time Zone.

Join us tomorrow (11-28) or any Tuesday, for now online

"George Washington depended on spies, we've always had spies, does that justify what the military, the FBI, the CIA and others do for us (the USA) today?" Possible topic for Denver Trinity Church Socrates Cafe (for now online) see Trinity United Methodist Church (Denver, Colorado)​ for the "normal" meeting place, Online tomorrow (11-28) or any Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, 1st Sunday soon an rsvp will be required on Free and open to everyone who is curious about what others think. Questions? Suggestions? Call me at (303)861-1447 ​

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New Internet being created:

Go Elon Go! Why? Copy and paste into browser:

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J.K. Rowling's tips for writers:

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Online with John Wren. 

Q. Do you have tips for others trying to write? 

 A: I have to say that I can’t stand lists of ‘must do’s’, whether in life or in writing. Something rebels in me when I’m told what I have to do before I’m fifty, or have to buy this season, or have to write if I want to be a success. Ten Habits All Best-Selling Writers Have In Common. These Five Tips Will Transform Your Writing! Follow J.K. Rowling’s Golden Rules For Success! 

 I haven’t got ten rules that guarantee success, although I promise I’d share them if I did. The truth is that I found success by stumbling off alone in a direction most

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Childhood roots of adults with ADHD.

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NexPoint Lecture: Author Bill Browder on Russia

Bill Browder, author of New York Times bestseller "Red Notice: A True Story of Corruption, Murder and One Man’s Fight for Justice" and the new book "Freezing Order: A True Story of Money Laundering, Murder, and Surviving Vladimir Putin's" Wrath, and Head of the Global Magnitsky Justice Campaign, returns to the Bush Center for a thought-provoking look into the latest developments in Russia and with President Vladimir Putin. Bush Center President and CEO Ken Hersh moderates the conversation and Russia expert David J. Kramer, the Bradford M. Freeman Managing Director of Global Policy at the Bush Institute, offers his analysis as well.

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My 1st post here on in 2004

Denver Online With John Millions Switch to Internet for More Diverse and G...: Millions Switch to Internet for More Diverse and Graphic News - Insight on the News - National : "Millions of U.S. residents are increa...


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Help the grassroots, not the astroturf.

Online with John Wren. Call (303)861-1447 What's the difference between grassroots and astroturf? Good topic for an Online Socrates Cafe if you come a few minutes early and suggest it. First rsvp for the online Socrates Cafe that will work best for you on our SBCC Online Socrates Cafe calendar (click here.)

Come teach for us.

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Wittgenstein and Modernity


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Grassroots Democracy

Assignment: Using examples, explain 'grassroots democracy' and how 'grassroots' movements are organised.


Democracy has seen many forms, the Athenian democracy of popular assemblies and random selection through to the modern parliamentary and presidential styles. It has many proponents from all areas of the political spectrum, and few would actively claim to be against it.

This essay will attempt to explain what grassroots democracy is, the history behind the concept, why grassroots movements and organisations exist, and how they work & operate. What is not grassroots democracy will also briefly be explored.

Definition of democracy

Democracy, has a number of different meanings and is considered an essentially contested term.1 While the Greek from which the word is taken means 'rule by the people' (demos - the people, and kratein - to rule)2, this is not very descriptive considering the various meanings that are associated with it. The word "democratic" is used to describe a large array of political structures across the world. As such finding one definition to match all these structures would be hard. If we take the Greek literally, the word democracy means 'rule directly by the people'. Some claim that it is rule by the majority of the people,3 others, a system of government by the whole population4, and others a system where political power is ultimately in the hands of the population.

Definition of grassroots and grassroots democracy

Grassroots tends to mean from the bottom. If something is grassroots, it is organised from the base of the group or community that is being talked about. As such you can have grassroots movements in society as a whole, in businesses, or other organisations. There are a variety of reasons behind a grassroots organisation, from the desire to change or keep something, to simply organising social gatherings or sporting events. Grassroots organisations can be small, kept to the local community, or large, encompassing different groups across a state or nation. Grassroots organisations include many different types, from sporting groups, to environmental groups to childcare groups. They all share the common feature that they are organised by individuals getting together and agreeing to do something.

Grassroots democracy is the political process being driven by ordinary citizens; rather then wealthy individuals or big organisations (such as unions or major political parties). It maybe that they are people who are affected by something, are concerned by something or simply want to make the world a better place. In many cases there are no other options, even if there is a local 'representative' they may not listen, or there may simply be no one else to ask. Often there is not an overtly political reason for a particular groups formation. And often political action may come after a group has formed and the political climate has changed.

Historical and Recent Examples of Grassroots Movements

There have been many examples of spontaneous uprisings in history. Peasants and workers revolts, anti-colonial liberation struggles, and slave insurrections. In Russia, during February 1917, there were mass popular uprisings, which helped lead to the downfall of the Tsar. Afterwards, the people organised in grassroots organisations. In many parts of Spain during and before the Spanish Civil War, people took control over their own lives, with limited interference from government. There were a number of experiments tried, including communism and collectivism.

Examples of grassroots movements include environmental and social movements. The anti Franklin Dam movement in Australia leading up to the 1983 federal election is a classic example of a movement that was grassroots. An attempt by the state government to dam the Gordon River below where the Franklin entered it, lead to a national outcry. The Wilderness Society started a nation wide campaign to stop the dam. Thousands of people turned up to rallies, wrote letters to the papers, and were arrested. After the election of a Labor government, helped in part by the ALP saying they would stop the dam, legislation was passed that prevented it from being built.5

Critical Mass is touted as an unorganised coincidence.6 Critical Mass is bicycle riders getting together and asserting their right to be on the road. Individuals may have other reasons to be there, anti-car, promoting sustainable transport, even having fun and celebrating bikes and bike riding. It is fundamentally a grassroots event. It is partly a political event, it promotes bikes and try's to get better conditions for bicycles, such as bicycle lanes, but it is not just a political event. It is grassroots, in that there is no peak body (such as Bicycle Tasmania) behind it; there are only individuals.

Why are there so many grassroots movements?

Across the world there are many movements that could be categorised as grassroots. They are in a variety of countries from South America to industrialised and post-industrialised Europe, and Australia. The causes are varied as well, environmental degradation in the Amazonian rainforest (and the Tasmanian forests as well), to anti-nuclear campaigns and anti-war campaigns. But there are also local reasons for grassroots movements, if a hospital is going to be closed for example, the local community will fight to stop it closing. The reason for these movements is often quite similar however. The government (local, state, or federal), is perceived as either, not doing the correct thing in relation to something or not representing the interests of a particular group.

There are two main types of grassroots groups. Those who are doing something because the local government (or organisation hierarchy) is not doing something for the members of the group (for example, disabled people or recreational fishers). And those who are doing something for some perceived 'greater good'. This second type includes environmental groups. Often the two types are combined, public health workers who call for lower working hours so that tired doctors and nurses are not looking after patients.

In the 'liberal democracies' of the 'west' (or 'north') grassroots movements exist because the choice during elections choice is limited (candidates, parties, programmes) and the start up cost of new parties are too high.7 After elections a 'representative' or the government may ignore or even work against what a group is trying to do. In non-'democratic' countries, grassroots movements exist for a similar reason. If the government is either ignoring an issue, or working actively against what a group thinks is the correct thing to do, and then there will be protest. In some cases the grassroots movement is trying to bring about what they think is guaranteed, but not implemented, for example the democracy movement in China.

Grassroots organisation

Grassroots organisations have a variety of structures; depending on the type of organisation and what the members want. There can be non-structured and non-hierarchical organisations that are run by all members, or by whichever member wishes to do something. Or they can be run on the basis of there being one person who makes the majority of decisions. However, they majority are somewhere in between. There are regular meetings of the members, but otherwise there is an executive group that makes immediate decisions. Some organisations combine two or more of these approaches depending on what level they are being organised at, local or national. Decision making is linked to structure, but whenever there is more then one person that has to make the decision a method has to be used. Two common methods are consensus, and a simple vote.

Consensus is where decisions are made with a general agreement. While it is more likely to work with small groups, it can work with larger groups on non-controversial issues. A variant on full consensus is consensus minus one or minus two. If all agree but one (or two) it may be agreed that that person is noted as disagreeing with the decision, but the decision is still made. There are, problems with the consensus method of arriving at decisions. Pressure being applied to dissident members of a group so that a consensus can be reached is on example. Another example is that once a decision is made, even if it is shown to be the wrong one, another decision can be hard to make. The time taken to arrive a decision is also sometimes cited as a flaw, but proponents counter this by saying that it shows that people's opinions are being listened to.

Food not Bombs is a good example of a grassroots practical political organisation. Local groups collect food that would otherwise be thrown out and cooks it and then feeds it to hungry people. It is organised on a collective basis, which anyone is able to join. Groups are open and democratic, with decisions are made on a consensus basis.8

Using a simple vote (either needing 50%+1 or some greater percentage) decisions can often be made faster then with a consensus decision. This method of decision making is not often used in small groups using direct action, as the support of all members of a group is needed for an action to occur successfully. In larger groups it enables two or more lines of thought to be followed at one time, and if a majority decision is later shown to be flawed, the minority is still able to present a case.

Technology and Grassroots movements

The Internet, including email and the WWW, telephones and other forms of technology have proven very useful in the organisation of grassroots movements. They have provide cheap fast forms of communication enabling contact between people across the world, as well as across the town.9 The Internet also enables access to information, information provide by other communities, government organisations, as well as media from across the globe. Of course there are problems with relying on the Internet, with less then 15% of the world's population with access.10

The Independent Media Center (IndyMedia) is an excellent example of a grassroots organisation that utilises the Internet and other technology to both communicate and to provide what it is in existence for, independent news from an individual's perspective. This fulfils a political role, as people feel that they are getting independent coverage of protests etc. that focus on issues rather then on things like violence or similar.11

Fake grassroots

There are two other organisational types that may be confused with a grassroots movement or organisation. The first is an astroturfed campaign, which could include fake organisations. The second are groups that while their aims are widely supported, do not involve (expect perhaps in a very limited way) ordinary citizens.

An astroturfed campaign will be orchestrated by a company or organisation who wishes to make it appear that there is widespread support for something, when in actuality there is not. There are a variety of methods that are used, including setting up front organisations; writing fake letters to the editor and ringing up talk back radio. These campaigns are designed to appear to as if there is popular support for something, rather than being a spin-doctored campaign. They can be very effective if they convince the public and politicians that there is a spontaneous groundswell of support for something.12

An example of this is 'Timber Communities Australia'. They claim to be a "grass roots organisation" with members from "both city and rural communities".13 However, they are funded by the National Association of Forest Industries, who in 2002-2003 gave TCA 86% of its funding.14

Organisations that are not grassroots, but may appear so (for a variety of reasons), include environmental groups, unions, et cetera. Often these organisations simply collect money from individuals, but accept no input from them. Greenpeace is an example of this sort of organisation. Whilst many people support what Greenpeace does, they are not involved beyond monthly giving money to them. At the lowest levels of Greenpeace volunteers do have a say in how the organisation is run, and what the organisation does, but at the top, it is run by an elite.15 Some unions are organised similarly; decisions are made by an elite (though often elected), and the role of the members is simply to pay their dues and participate in strikes.


Grassroots organisations are not always obviously political. But even if the aims of the group are not political, the reason the group formed may be. Thus Critical Mass has the intention of having fun and promoting bikes, but will inevitably be political as it comes up against car culture. There are however, lots of grassroots organisations that are directly intended to be political. These are the grassroots democracy movements. They form because the member's feel that the alternatives, either do not work, are too resource consuming or just because they want to do something. They form to protect a park, or a wetland, to support prisoners and many other things.

1' Cliff duRand, Democracy and Struggles for Social Justice' (accessed 7/10/2005)

2Terrence Ball & Richard Dagger, Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal 5th ed. (USA: Pearson Longman, 2004) p20.

3See for example Iain McLean Democracy and New Technology (UK: Polity Press, 1989)

5 'History of the Franklin River Campaign 1976-83' published 15/6/2001, (accessed 7/10/2005)

6Chris Carlsson et al. 'How to make a CRITICAL MASS' 7-10-2005)

7W.L. Miller, 'Political Participation and Voting Behaviour', in Encyclopaedia of Government and Politics 2nd ed, eds. Mary Hawksworth and Maurice Kogan (New York:Routledge, 2004). p. 420

8'Politics Food Not Bombs Book', (accessed 7/10/2005)

9Paul Routledge, 'Convergence space: process geographies of grassroots globalization networks', Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers Volume 28 Issue 3 (September 2003)

10'World Internet Users and Population Stats ', published 30/9/2005 (accessed 7/10/2005)

11'Indymedia's Frequently Asked Questions', published 29 Sep 2005 (accessed 3/10/2005)

12Dan Gillmor, 'Astroturf' PR campaign exposes Microsoft goals' published APRIL 20, 1998, (accessed 4/10/2005)

13 Timber Communities Australia, 'About', (accessed 7/10/2005)

14 See the copy of the Senate Hansard at

15 See Greenpeace, 'How is Greenpeace structured', (accessed 7-10-2005)

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Ludwig Wittgenstein, the Great War and the Unsayable. Gospel in Brief 29:30

Socrates Cafe: Dialogue, not just discussion, not debate. "Watch one. Lead one. Start one."

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Do you know who are your elected representative and who is running against them?

Here's an idea: Daily newspapers like the Denver Post need to improve the way information about local candidates and issues is communicated. Here's one idea: cooperate with the others that are trying to do the same thing. It seems to me stories like this would be much more helpful for readers if linked to candidate, party, and advocacy group websites. "Philosophy of Political News Reporting," would make a great topic for a Socrates Cafe if someone more knowledgable than me (just about anyone) would be willing to be the lead share, if that's you please rsvp, then call me and we will announce that you'll be with us. After you rsvp call (303)861-1447
Online with John Wren. Call (303)861-1447  

"Where You Stumble, Dig for Treasure." Bishop Robert Barron on Humility.

Topic for Socrates Cafe if you rsvp, call me (303)861-1447 and suggest it. Best if you rsvp now, you can change it later, see  

Online Socrates Cafe-- Watch one. Lead one. Start one. 

I will help you start a Socrates Cafe in your local library or other public meeting space with the cooperation of your local newspaper, chamber, association, or club. First attend an online meeting. 

We meet online at 6:30 p.m. Denver Time (8:30 p.m. Eastern, 5:30 p.m. Pacific) online each Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and 1st Sunday, we choose a topic at the start of each meeting, then we share our thoughts and ask each other questions.

Our Socrates Cafe Society is a project of your Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. c/o John Wren, 1881 Buchtel Blvd. #501, Denver, CO 80210  (303)861-1447 

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It's about time... (post below one of first I made here in 2004.)

... for a little more excitement so we can make this into a community of practice. Any suggestions? Denver Online with John "Because communities of practice are voluntary, ...: "Because communities of practice are voluntary, what makes them successful over time is their ability to generate enough excitement, ...

Timothy Snyder: The Making of Modern Ukraine.

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Vicious Incel Cycle.

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Starting? Here's help:

Message from Governor Polis:


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PBS NewsHour interview: The Divider.

"Simplify, simplify." Henry David Thoreau

 If you could only use a very minimum of apps or social media, programs etc for your personal use (not business) would that include Facebook, yes or no, and what else would be on your "I have to have" list.

For me, yes, MAC Pages, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Meetup, and Blogspot and all of Google, now that I think of it.

How about you? Post as comment here or leave on voicemail (303)861-1447.

Thanks!  Could be a topic for some Socrates Cafe, but only if you rsvp for the date you want and then call me to confirm. 

Day 4-- Become fluent with the Internet: Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook., "Help us strengthen the voice of the common person.": Day 4, #RUN2WIN2024

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Day 2, Run to Win Daily Email. PLEASE SHARE

 NEW! This is the 2nd day for a post by 12 noon Denver time on Check it out:, "Help us strengthen the voice of the common person."

Our focus is to organize a Socrates Cafe in each state and then in many of it's neighborhoods, starting with a school, college, and public library. Call us about how we can help you start a new Socrates Cafe in your state and/or local precinct. More info and rsvp on our Meetup site, check it out: and call (303)861-1447

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Run to win in 2024-- New daily blog starts today.

#RUN2WIN2024 Day 1, Fri_9-17-22 Citizenship Day. Want to run to win in 2024? Go! that's right, start this moment! First step, decide if you want to run yourself or if you want to help another good person who has already started thinking about standing for elected public office. Do that today, then tomorrow check back to The new blog is designed to help you win no matter who you are or what you want to do when you are elected. Only requirement... more about that tomorrow.

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Karen Horney: Self-Analysis

I just posted a link to this video and suggested it as a topic for Online Socrates Cafe. Join us tonight (9-16) or any Friday, Saturday, 1st Sunday, or Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. Eastern, 5:30 p.m. Pacific. Link (for now Zoom) check it out and

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First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope

First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope: The dawn of a new era in astronomy has begun as the world gets its first look at the full capabilities of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, a partnership with ESA (European Space Agency) and CSA (Canadian Space Agency).

Timothy Snyder: The Making of Modern Ukraine. Class 3: Geography and Anc...

Thursday, September 08, 2022

"Politics in a Constitutional Democracy" posible topic for Socrates Cafe"

Timothy Snyder: The Making of Modern Ukraine. Class 2: The Genesis of Nations.

Freud's inspiration for free association: Ludwig Borne.

 Ernest Jones in his first volume of Sigmund Freud's biography relates that "Böeme" [sic] was an especial favourite in Freud's adolescence, a half century later quoting many passages from the essay "The Art of Becoming an Original Writer", which clearly played a part in Freud's putting his trust in free association during psycho-analysis:

Here follows the practical prescription I promised. Take a few sheets of paper and for three days in succession write down, with any falsification or hypocrisy, everything that comes into your head. Write what you think of yourself, of your women, of the Turkish War, of Goethe... of the last judgment, of those senior to you in authority -- and when the three days are over you will be amazed at what novel and startling thoughts have welled up in you.


That is the art of becoming an original writer in three days.

From Wikipedia article today "Ludwig Bourn."  

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What do you think?

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Notes from tonight's Online Socrates Cafe:

TOO many characters to post on Socrates Cafe message board:

Great Socrates Cafe tonight, thanks everyone. I'd print out these notes, but I'm out of paper!  Then had idea to post here, ok? If not, call me, (303)861-144718:38:51 From Eugene to Everyone:

hi, Joel,  i guess you realize that Mikee has a larger vocabulary than mine, better science, better math, and more history.  Plus  a better

18:43:20 From Eugene to Everyone:

mute please

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Online Socrates Cafe: Each Group Dialogue Starts By Choosing...

 You help us choose if you're with us when we start at 6:30 p.m. Denver time:

1.  Who will chair the meeting for the next 90 minutes?

2.  The topic for the evening.

3.  Any changes that should be made next time.

Free, we just ask you to share any insights you have and if you'll be back.

Check it out, rsvp now, you can change it if you change your mind.

See or call (303)861-1447 

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Why weather men and women are changing from Global Warming to Climate Change and? now? Climate Emergency?

PLEASE SHARE Did #Netflix and "The Trick" light the fuse on the spike of Google searches on "climate change?" Are we thinking clearly about weather and climate? What do you think? #google #googletrends #climatechange #globalwarming #trending #climateEmergency #Netflix #TheTrick

Since 1960, The More We Talk About It, The Less True MAGA.


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Sick of things? Want to see a big change? Here's how...

 ... When GK Chesterton was asked, "what's wrong with the church?" Chesterton answered: "I am."



John S Wren (for more) founder of SBCC (Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc) and the free small groups he has organized and facilitated since the Friday after 9/11 are intended to be educational, not political, Standup Philosophy.

"My friends, the people who know me best, are right when the good Democrats call me a DINO (Democrat In Name Only,) and my good GOP friends call me a RINO. Why? I believe political parties should be megaphones for common people, not just machines where I get marching orders, I follow my 3-in-1-HP."  John Scott Wren 

Want Help? Write Wren: 1881 Buchtel Blvd. #501, Denver, CO 80210 Or call 24/7: (303)861-1447. Emergency? After 911 (720)495-4949.

Since 9/11/01, Socrates Cafe Society, Startup&Standup, Standup&Startup. 


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New! Online Socrates Cafe each Friday at 12Noon. PLEASE SHARE

New! Online Socrates Cafe that will meet on Facebook. Check it out! Free. (Click here for more.)  Questions? Suggestions? Please call (303)861-1447 Please Share. 

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End war one person at a time, let it start with me.

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Tuesday Startup Theme: Medical Entrepreneurship

"... effect sizes for psychodynamic psychotherapy are at least as large as those reported for other therapies that are promoted as “empirically supported” or “evidence based.” Also, the benefits of psychodynamic therapy are lasting. Patients not only improve, but continue to improve even after therapy ends." Topic for next Tuesday (7-26) at Online Socrates Cafe. More info, rsvp to get Zoom link. #psychotherapy #mentalhealth #psychodynamic Alan Murray Bob Sutton Bob Sweeney Bil Rodgers Nathan Pollack Louis Underbakke Alex Gorodinski Dmitri Semenov Daniel Pink Fortune Danny Carlat Jim Stern John Youngquist University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

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Adult ADHD "Better late than never."

Startup Success Story.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

"Startup July," Each Tuesday, Join Any Time:

 Great Socrates Cafe tonight, we discussed the ODAAT-OODA Way to Start. See Handout: 6:30 p.m. Denver MDT, Meetup (click)

3rd week of Startup July next Tuesday, join us! Seating limited, rsvp now, for more see: 

Sponsored by your Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Ask us about being our Ambassador for your local newspaper, local library, and your favorite club or association to start a new IDEA Cafe or Socrates Cafe. Call (303)861-1447 

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"St. Ignatius of Loyola's Spiritual Exercises as a way to find our way forward."

"St. Ignatius of Loyola's Spiritual Exercises as a way to find our way forward." 

Weekly video followed by discussion for 4 weeks or longer if group decides to keep meeting. First organization meeting next Tuesday, that's tomorrow, July 5, and 1st "real" meeting will be the following Tuesday, July 12. More info will be up momentarily on or call me (303)861-1447

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Psychodynamic therapy, also known as insight-oriented therapy, evolved from Freudian psychoanalysis. Like adherents of psychoanalysis, psychodynamic therapists believe that bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness promotes insight and resolves conflict. But psychodynamic therapy is briefer and less intensive than psychoanalysis and also focuses on the relationship between the therapist and the client, as a way to learn about how the client relates to everyone in their life.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Karen Horney: Self-Analysis | Can you Psychoanalyse Yourself?

New, Free, Online Socrates Cafe Speaker Meeting

In an effort to start reasonable, rational discussion of the recent Supreme Court decsion I'm going to suggest at tonight's Online Socrates Cafe that we have a special series of online dialogs that involves inviting a speaker who has published on a topic of interest, perhaps replacing our normal meetings for one month, one quarter, or... details we'll work out tonight. I'm going to suggest this young woman on the Princeton faculty as our first, starting as soon as perhaps next weekend or the following. Your thoughts on the idea of doing this would be very welcome here as a comment or send them privately to me at or call me (303)861-1447 "Moral Status", by Elizabeth Harmon PhD, Princeton.

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Suggest a topic at Socrates Cafe tonight? Why?

 If you are curious about what others think and are open to share your thoughts and ask questions, you might find attending a Socrates Cafe once a week is don't miss for you. If not, if you have it figured out, probably wouldn't be helpful to you.

Sometime I don't really know what I'm thinking until I share it with someone.  Best way to decide? Attend once or twice. Check it out now, it's free and open to all. 

If you have any question about it call me, I might miss your text.

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Monday, June 13, 2022

Faculty Club

Join us as a visitor, we meet each Monday and Friday at 12 noon Denver MDT (click here.) New! Faculty Clubhouse under construction. See 3637 E. Jewell in Denver, just down the street from our Small Business Chamber of Commerce World Headquarters, 1881 Buchtel Blvd. #501 which is right by RTD University Station. Watch for more info soon on our UNDERCONSTRUCTION website (Click here.) Wanted: Volunteers for clubhouse management, ideal for retired couple. For more info, call me (303)861-1447

Wednesday, June 01, 2022

"Our Great Purpose-- Adam Smith on Living A Better Life."

This could make a very, very good topic for a Socrates Cafe. If you watch this and then are willing to be our lead share at an Online Socrates Cafe, please call me and let's set a date, ok? Have another book you'd like to do the same thing with, please call me if you want it announced in a media release, or just rsvp and mentioin it in an rsvp comment.