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    In 1970s New York City, David Marks, the son of a powerful real estate tycoon Sanford Marks, marries Katie McCarthy, a working-class student. Together they flee New York for country life in Vermont, setting up a health food store called All Good Things, only to be manipulated into returning by his father, who preys upon David's insecurities by telling him that Katie deserves more than he's currently giving her. Upon their return, Katie and David buy a beautiful apartment and Katie brings up the idea of having children. David implies he can't have any. After buying a lake house out of town, Katie confesses to their pregnant neighbor that she is expecting as well. When Katie tells David the news, he responds by throwing things and then breaks down at the thought of being a parent. After forcing Katie to make an appointment for an abortion, David misses the appointment when he is called away to do work for his father.
    Katie goes back to college and eventually gets into medical school while her relationship with David continues to deteriorate. Katie makes inquiries about a separation, but her funds, which she needs in order to pay for school, are cut off when she attempts to leave. Having been advised that she will need leverage to make the family let her go, Katie attempts to find incriminating documents of the family's financial activities. She then disappears without a trace in 1982, despite a $15,000 reward offered for any information on her whereabouts.
    Eighteen years later, the case is reopened by the current District Attorney of New York after reading an unpublished novel written by David's best friend Deborah Lehrman, which contains a murder almost identical to the Marks case. Soon after this is announced, Lehrman is shot and killed in her home, and David is under suspicion again while standing trial for the murder of his neighbor Malvern Bump in Galveston, Texas. David is acquitted of the murder of Bump; the film states that nobody has ever been tried for Deborah Lehrman's murder and that Katie Marks remains a missing person to this day. A flash-back implies that David left his wife's remains in the trunk of her car, which the father finds. The film ends with David visiting his dying father and whispering to him "I miss her so much." It's left to the viewer to decide whether he is talking about Katie or his mother.
    Ryan Gosling as David Marks[5] (Robert Durst)
    Kirsten Dunst as Katie McCarthy[6] (Kathleen McCormack)
    Frank Langella as Sanford Marks[7] (Seymour Durst)
    Lily Rabe as Deborah Lehrman[8][9] (Susan Berman)
    Philip Baker Hall as Malvern Bump[8] (Morris Black)
    Michael Esper as Daniel Marks (Douglas Durst)
    Diane Venora as Janice Rizzo[8] (Jeanine Pirro)

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    Wikipedia plot summary of the movie All Good Things, now on Netflix, good source of inspired topics for Socrates Cafe. Tonight (Fri, 7-1)? Tomorrow? Or when? More info, rsvp on Questions? Call me. (303)861-1447


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