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Thursday, November 17, 2022


J.E. -- A Biograpy. S1E1 in comments.


  1. Anonymous12:54 PM

    J.E.-- A Biography. S1E-

    John Edgar Wren, Jr., was called JE by his family and close friends because he hated being called Junior, JE opened his wholesale business in Loveland, Colorado in the year of 1949, at the age of twenty-. Twenty years later, during the height of the Viet Nam war he sold it to NMS Industries. He developed a small shopping center with an independent drug store and grocery store, and he fought a long battle with cancer until his death in 1979. He left his widow, three adult sons, and the children of his oldest son John Scott Wren, who was called JS, he'd be born in Amarillo in 1947. JE and His mother Martha Jane Edwards in 1946 when he was discharge because of an injury who was a cheerleader, voted both the school queen in the fall, and most popular at Amarillo High after he was away to fight World War II in 1943.

  2. Correction: ...JE and JS's mother Martha Jane Edwards married in 1946 when JE was discharge because of an injury, he'd been hospitalized while Janie, who was a cheerleader, was voted both the school queen in the fall, after he was sent away to fight World War II in 1943.


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