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Friday, August 30, 2013

Starting? Want free help?

Starting in a new direction with your work?

Want help?

Then watch The Startup Show! 

Each week we bring you startup help,  live at 5 each Monday and other events throughout the week ahead that are announced on the show. Next Monday from 5 to 6 p.m. watch live via YouTube Live Broadcasts, Google+ Live Hangouts, or right here on Bad time? Starting right after the broadcast you can watch a recording of the show on our YouTube Channel or right here, a link to the recording is embeded, click through it to YouTube and our Small Business Chamber channel if you want to comment and/or subscribe so you won't miss any of the show.

Labor Day Edition with special guest today, entrepreneur and singer/songwriter Valerie Connelly! :

Each week interesting guests share with us how they started. Join us! Life's too short for any of us to learn from just our own experience! 

Show host John Wren, founder o f your Small Business Chamber of Commerce, who 5280 Magazine says, "has infused Denver with an entrepreneurial spirit," will talk with guest about how they started in a new direction with their work when they started a new career, a new project, or a new business.

This week we are trying something new.

Guests will be invited from those who RSVP "Yes" to this invitation  between now and Monday morning, so RSVP now yourself and then share this invitation with people who you'd really like to talk with yourself. Then call John Wren if they RSVP Yes and if Wren selects them as our guest this week and they accept, you'll be invited to be on the video roundtable, too, to talk with them and also to share about your startup experience and what you are doing now.. 

Take just a minute now, while it's on your mind, think of people you know who might have interesting startup experience to share, Then after you RSVP yourself, forward a copy of this invitation  to the person.

Share who you've invited with your friends on social media. 

Tell your friends why you've invited the person, and encourage your friends to also forward this invitation to the person  expressing the hope that he or she will join us.

Bill Gates? Amar Bhide? Eric Reis? Debbie Fields? Your Uncle Charley? Who would you like to be on the show to share their startup experience?

Invite them now and if they RSVP "Yes" call John Wren (303-861-1447) and if they agree to be on the show, John will call you to let you know and to give you the option of being on the show, too.

This is your show, the more of an audience we develop, the better the guests we will  be able to attract for you. If you have any questions, or if you'd like to become a sponsor of the show, contact John Wren at (303)861-1447 or 

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