Friday, September 06, 2013

My network is my net worth?

That's what I was told last night. 

But it's true only if I'm making regular deposits to the relationship account, doing meaningful work for them that results in their being delighted and me getting compensated.

In politics, where networks are sand castles, the question voters, volunteers and contributors ask is "what have you done for me lately?" 

In business, even more so that politics, it's the same question with a sharper focus. Having a name, contacting the name and staying in touch has no impact on my net worth unless I've received pay from the customer for doing work that delighted him or her, and who as a result has become a good client who gives my repeat sales and referrals to qualified prospects, people who have good potential of going through this cycle with me.

Of course none of this applies to my family, nor to a handful of my very close friends, nor to work I'm called to do by God when the order is to burn the bridge and give it my all, whether that is sponsoring/mentoring one person or fighting for some cause. In this realm my network is my negative net worth, and it is in this realm that I've labored for the last 23+ years. What I've learned from these thankless days, especially the extraordinary time spent with my father, is that it really is true, if you want gratitude, get a dog.

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