Friday, September 17, 2004

The Long Way Home Project
During the period 1964 until 1975 over 2.59 million American servicemen
and women served their country in the Vietnam War. 58,202 made the
ultimate sacrifice.

The Long Way Home Project is dedicated to their families and to all those
who have risked everything for the cause of freedom and democracy.

From Bob Martinez, Republican National Committee Man from Colorado:
"We have just been informed that the award winning four part
documentary series entitled, The Long Way Home Project", will be shown
in Denver on Channel 12 KBDI on Saturday October 2nd at 8:00PM and in
Albuquerque on Channel 5 KNME on Sunday October 17th at 4:00PM.

"We encourage you to pass this email along to all those you believe should
see this most important series about the Veitnam War. It is the story that
hasn't been told."