Saturday, April 24, 2010

I just posted this on Craigs List:

Denver Speakers Corner

We hope you'll join and RSVP. Your membership helps make sure the group continues, but it is not necessary to be a member to attend and to participate. Everyone is welcome! Who should attend Denver Speakers Corner? Everyone is welcome, but we especially encourage attendance from: *Candidates announcing their candidacy and/or asking for votes. *Supporters of such candidates for elected public office. *Public officials who'd like direct feedback from voters in an instant town hall meeting. *Concerned citizens who want to bring an issue or concern to the attention of other citizens. *Organizers forming a committee to campaign for new issues or causes. *Poets and writers with a new work to try out on a live audience. *Promoters of theatre, music, and other entertainments who'd like to make an announcement. *Promoters who want to introduce a live sample of their wares. *Public speakers who'd like to practice their craft. *People who want to listen to the above for enlightenment and enjoyment. *Curious newcomers to Denver who want to ask questions and find connections. *Denverites with out of town guests seeking unique aspects of the city to share. *Anyone looking for a good way to enjoy Sunday afternoon! "Cor ad cor loquitur." (Heart speaks to heart.) Take the soap box and give us 3 to 5 minutes straight from your heart, or just listen to what others have to share about issues, candidates, causes, and local Denver community news. The sign up sheet is out at 3:30 p.m. Those who RSVP and come by 4 p.m. speak first. This article about us was in the paper in August, 2008: This column was in the Denver Post November, 2009: We hope you can join us at our next meeting to share with us about your candidate, issue, cause, concern, or just to share a few good jokes! RSVP to get on the speakers list and to get a vote as the group makes decisions, or just show up and get on the list at the meeting if you'd prefer. Those who RSVP will speak first, we will only video the first hour.
Group PhotoLearn more and join this group at
Check out what members are saying about Denver Speakers Corner:
"This is an opportunity to build social capital and hear fresh ideas." - Frank Atwood
"Come out and polish your skills. Rehearse a line a speech, or even an excuse you plan on giving your significant other. (LoL on the last one. "No really honey I was just joking!)
Express your thoughts, worries, anger (but please no violence), or just introduce yourself as you support those around you taking a chance.
Its free, so come on out and meet some pretty cool folks." - charles ballew
"Because there is no better way to keep free speech alive and kicking." - keith
"It will engage their interest, since we speak about current issues. Further, it will give people who like to speak a chance to do so, while giving people unskilled at speaking a chance to improve their skill." - G. P.
"This has the potential of becoming a great source of local news about Denver." - John Wren

Friday, April 23, 2010

I just emailed this out to a few hundred of my closest friends:

((PLEASE forward to friends who might be interested, OK?
If you don't want emails like this from me each Friday,
return this with "cancel". If you'd like my personal help finding
your next great client or next good job, contact me at or (303)861-1447.))

Life's short, make today count!

1.  Denver Bcycle (read all about it in the Denver Post at  started yesterday. I helped introduce it at the University of Denver Driscoll Center. If you want to try a free day go to, click on the "Join Denver B-cycle" link. On the registration page, enter this code: D27B37SOOLW. Then to unlock a bike at any B-station, go to the kiosk and swipe the credit card you used to register. This is either a genius idea or it will be a complete flop, what do you think? Questions? Call (303)825-3325

2.  Denver IDEA Cafe startup workshop meets from 2 to 3:30 p.m. each Friday at Panera Bread, 13th and Grant in Denver. More information and RSVP at or (303)861-1447.

Today, Apr 23: Civil engineer, entrepreneur and author of “The History of the Ferris Wheel,” Richard Weingardt, and entrepreneur and photographer Pete Lawlor
From As You Like It:
And so, from hour to hour, we ripe and ripe,
And then from hour to hour, we rot and rot:
And thereby hangs a tale.
William Shakespeare, born on this day in 1564. He wrote more than 30 plays

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's the birthday of one of the founders of psychiatry, Philippe Pinel, born in Saint-André, France (1745). He studied mathematics, theology, and internal medicine before becoming the chief physician at a Paris insane asylum in 1792. Before Pinel arrived, conditions at the asylum were horrible: Among other things, patients were chained to the walls, and people could pay a fee to come in and watch them.
Pinel put a stop to these practices, as well as misguided treatments like bleeding, purging, and blistering. People generally believed that the insane were possessed by demons, but Pinel argued that they were just under a lot of stress. He started treating patients by talking to them about their problems in intense conversations on a regular basis, which paved the way for modern psychiatric practices.  From The Writer's Almanac