Saturday, November 26, 2016

Help Wanted

New! Amba$$adors for SBCC. You? 

Visit Meetups like the one below to represent SBCC and recruit guests for Startup Show for us. 

First rsvp for the Meetup (the one below or similar)  and cc me, then call and let me know what you have done.

Call if you have any questions. (303)861-1447 

Want to start right now? 

If you can go to this Meetup rsvp YES, cc: me, then call and let me know what you've done. Bonus when guest is on with us, possibly originating with you from the Meetup via Facebook live video. 

Amount of bonus, travel expenses negotiated AFTER you rsvp, so only rsvp for Meetups you WILL attend, whether you are representing SBCC and the Startup Show or not. Copy and paste into your browser bar: 

John S. Wren, MBA

Founder and President,

Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

We help give more real help to startups.

SBCC Startup Method-- The Practices of:

Recover, Imagine, Think, and Learn; to

Start, Grow, and Flourish. Start now!

Call (303)861-1447 or cell (720)495-4949

Friday, November 25, 2016

Startup Show Nov 25 2016 Start of Dump Trump Movement.

The December 19 Dump Trump movement has started! Watch the founder tell how it was inspired by a recent movie. Then check out the Facebook Page (click.)

Are you willing to share your startup experience? To be a guest on the show call John Wren, (303)861-1447. Can now be done anytime or date that works for you. Call for details.

Startup Show LAST week. Today's show posted momentarily.

New! Startup Show is now on when we have a startup story to share. If you'd be willing to share your experience about how you got started with a new project, campaign, career, or new business call me and let's do it! John Wren (303)861-1447  PLEASE SHARE. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN A FRIEND REALLY APPRECIATE KNOWING ABOUT THIS. THANKS!