Friday, January 08, 2021

Why be a Democrat?

CS Lewsis told us: go to the thinnest place in the line of battle.

Trumps Last Tweet?

I doubt it. My suggestion. Trump should resign, let Pence pardon him and include in the pardon an order to turn back on his Twitter account. My hunch. Trump will turn lemons into lemonaid, make a few more million out of all this. If the Democrats are vindictive, just that much the better, it will be like fighting tar baby in a politically incorrect book nearly everyone in my generation was raised with. I never liked Trump, never voted for him, never will, but the way he is being dissed by just about everyone is outrageous. My hunch, he will lead an effort to take over and then split the Democrats in their own party. That definately needs to be done. Splitting the pro-life vote is a calulated political manuver, in my opinion.