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Saturday, November 18, 2006

$17 million was spent on advertising this past election, most of it by out-of-control 527 committees on negative ads, according to today's Rocky Mountian News:,2808,DRMN_24736_5153574,00.html

So I just sent out this letter to the editors of the Denver papers:

The solution to high cost campaigning is a return to
shoe-leather, door-to-door organizing in every neighborhood.

In 2002 we saved our wonderful Colorado neighborhood caucus
system. Now let's start using it. Instead of a 96-hour campaign
the final days before the election, let's elect political party
leadership that will support a 100-hour campaign, 2-hours a
week in our local neighborhoods every year.

Phone banks and mass advertising have just about killed
the Colorado grassroots, but we can each make a difference.
A beneficial side effect, restoration of our neighborhoods.

If our state chairs get serious about the caucus, Presidential
campaigns will finance our efforts, just as they do in Iowa where
they spent an average of $40 per caucus attendee in 2004.

How to get involved? Call the state or county party of your choice
or go to, search on the political party or
presidential candidate of your choice, and attend their
next meetup nearest you--or start a new meetup.

Let's save our neighborhoods by increasing the informed participation
in our March, 2008 caucuses in the 3,000 neighborhoods across
the state.

John Wren, founder
The New Denver Republican Meetup

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