Sunday, February 10, 2008

Paul Campos’s article critical of the Colorado Caucus was in The New Republic this morning.
I posted this in response:

Campos is either a naive fool or a liar when it comes to the Colorado Caucus. Would a sports editor cover a football game this way, sending someone who doesn't understand the game, or who is a liar, someone posing as unknowledgeable but who hates football?

By way of full disclosure, how did Campos vote on Amendment 29 in 2002 which would have killed the caucus? Does he have a relationship with Rutt Bridges or the Bell Institute which has declared open war on the system?

Our papers here in Colorado are being flooded with positive comments about what happened last Tuesday. Use Google News, search for "Colorado Caucus", and read them yourselves.

Campos comes from the home of Ward Churchill, the University of Colorado. Anyone here in Colorado will see the extreme bias in this article of his. It does great harm, and Campos should be criticized for it.

Fred Brown points out that the national media ignored our Colorado Caucus this year.

Why little national attention? Because of our own local media’s bias against the caucus-assembly system. Here’s my reponse to Brown's column:

Our local media virtually ignored the Colorado Caucus, why should the national media cover it if we don't care?

Financial pressure is clearly ruining the ability of our two daily newspapers to give Denver citizens the information they need to be good citizens. They now see themselves as being in the entertainment business rather than in the news and information business. I urge the Colorado Press Association to criticize the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News at their upcoming convention.

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