Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A few critical voices have complained about some of the negative aspects of last night's Colorado Caucus, our ritual every other year since 1912 when the Teddy Roosevelt progressive reforms brought us our current system. Some even call for the elimination of our caucus-assembly system and a return to our pre-1912 ways.

Thomas Jefferson would have preferred that we not have political parties. But he quickly realized that Alexander Hamilton would win every election unless an opposition party was formed. So the two party system that has served us so well for these 200+ years was born. (Unaffiliated voters and 3rd parties have a valid useful place in our system, but it is the two major parties that almost always produce winning campaigns.)

Some say there is no difference between the two parties. This is a sign of health; they are both competing for the majority of voters. Just as supply and demand create an equilibrium price, when the system is healthy Democrats and Republicans create elected government officials who best represent the true will of the people.

The Colorado Caucus is the full flowering of this representative system, but the flowers have wilted in recent decades because of the declining levels of participation and misguided (or devious) party leaders who have tried to bring the system that has been entrusted to their care to an end.

Powerful forces would like to kill the grassroots in Colorado, and return to the powerful elites to their pre-1912 back rooms.

Our caucus-assembly system for nominating to the primary ballot is not perfect. It takes more time, some just aren’t able to attend for various reasons, etc. But these shortcomings are more than compensated for by the fact that it gives the common person a strong voice in our government, something the direct primary just does not do.

People who got involved for the first time last night can now use the leverage of the party system to come back in future years and use the leverage of their party to get on the primary ballot with a fair chance of becoming their party’s nominee in the general election. Doing this without the caucus system is much more expensive, out of the reach of most people.

So the question is this: Is strengthening the voice of the common person worth it? I say yes it is. And 60% of the people in Colorado agreed in 2002 when the question was on the ballot and everyone got a chance to voice their opinion. Let’s not be misled now by the whining voices of a few slackers and the manipulation of the elite.

Wake up Colorado! Celebrate the victory of last night’s massive turnout. Let this day mark a new dawning, the rebirth of the true grassroots in Colorado.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The new Inc. Magazine has an article that praises our Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper for his business back ground. This is the comment that I just posted:

Denver`s teflon-Mayor J.Hic had some great marketing advice that has given him high approval ratings and a unopposed reelection. But I don`t know any knowledgable person here in Denver outside his immediate circle of true believers who thinks he is doing a good job.

I expect dissatisfaction with the poor job being done to grow between now and the Democratic National Convention here in Denver next August.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

1. Determine that the State has you registered as a Republican or a
Democrat. Go to:

Note on the information your precinct number (the last three digits are your
local precinct).

2. Find you caucus location:

Democrats : Go to: and page down
to find your county; and locate your precinct/caucus location

Republicans: Go to and type in
your precinct number; and locate the precinct/caucus location by county.
Good articles about the Colorado Caucus are suddenly flooding us in Colorado newspapers, from the Greeley Tribune to the Canon City Daily Record. The Colorado GOP website has added info about it, and the Colorado Dems website has done a great job. Google Colorado Caucus and the name of your city or favorite Presidential candidate for lots more. There’s no shortage of good information, no excuse to not attend this Tuesday (Feb 5). If you care about Colorado, just show up!

Tuesday vote for neighborhood leaders who will take advantage of this surge in participation to strengthen your neighborhood and our wonderful Colorado Caucus system for nominating good candidates to the primary ballot.

See my NEWCOMERS GUIDE TO THE COLORADO CAUCUS below for more information.