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Saturday, February 07, 2009

How do you get your hockey news?

Interesting column in the Rocky Mountain News this morning comparing the various ways to get news about a recent hockey game.

This is the comment I posted:

The fax machine brought down the Berlin Wall, it looks like the Internet is bringing down major newspapers that don't change.

The Rocky Mountain News doesn't have to die, but it must change. Joseph Shumpeter called the process of economic adjustment to accomodate technological change creative destruction.

What if the Rocky became more like Wikipedia, with reporters being editors of the "citizen" journalists.

I'm going to make newspapers, changing technology, and creative destruction the focus of an upcoming meeting of the new Denver Startup Forum. Join us (free) to get an announcement of the meeting.

And what about all the other games? I get much better news about the phenomenal University of Denver basketball program in places other that the major newspapers right now.

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