Saturday, March 20, 2010

My computer got a virus, emails were sent from my account that were in very poor taste. Thanks to my friends who alerted me to the problem, I think it is cleared up now. If you get anything along those lines, please let me know at once.

John Wren

Friday, March 19, 2010

The more time you spend talking about what you have been doing, the less time you have to do what you have been talking about. Eventually, you spend more and more time talking about less and less until finally you spend all of your time talking about nothing. Denverite Norman Ralph Augustine in his 1983 book Augustine's Laws. He is a former CEO of Martin Marietta and Lockheed Martin, National President of Boy Scouts of America (he was an Eagle Scout), and he is currently serving as the chair of a committee that is reviewing NASA's plans for the Moon, Mars and beyond.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Join us? I'm forming a new Franklin Circle that will meet monthly for people new to Colorado or new to Colorado politics who want to learn more about how to serve in public office or help other good people get elected. Our focus will be the 2012 Colorado Caucuses. For more see:

Want to know why I'm enthused about our Colorado Caucuses? I just received this email from a new friend:

John, I met you in line at the democratic caucus training in Lakewood on Saturday.  I had said I would report back how our meeting went. 

I am a New Englander who grew up with the idea of town meetings. When I first registered to vote, I took great pride in declaring myself an Independent I have only slowly become involved.  It has progressed to my attending training and directing our precinct meeting. 

The caucuses I previously attended were either so small that it was a visit or so large it was almost chaos.  Last night was just about right, a very positive experience.  Our precinct was attended by 14 folks, 7 men and 7 women.  Unfortunately we didn't see many very young faces--only a few younger than 50. 

Because I had never led one of these conversations before, I had my watch with its sweep hand ready to monitor how long people spoke for their candidate.  After we moved to a quieter spot in the cafeteria and sat in a circle, the conversation took on its own life.  It required no leader. 

Everyone was attentive and involved, listening and speaking.  I feel comfortable that people felt heard and respected.  We did keep the time in mind and were able to vote after speaking our minds and hearts.  We successfully elected 2 delegates from our precinct, one for Michael Bennett and one for Andrew Romanoff.  Our group had one uncommitted which helped to effectively direct the conversation.  Our group made seven resolutions for consideration to the party platform. 

It was good to see folks still talking issues with one another after our precinct business was done.  I do think that the caucus was productive and reflective of the town meetings which still occur in the many smaller towns in New England

I can see ways of making improvements to the meetings----better environment, better organization, etc., but I don't think we could improve on the discussion and business accomplished in such a short time.  I look forward to attending and participating next time.

Thanks, John,
I hope this adds to your story.
Elaine Branjord
Evergreen, CO  

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy anniversary Mom & Dad! Married on this date in 1944 in Amarillo, Texas, moved here to Colorado in 1949. We lost dad to cancer in 1979, way too soon. 

Don't forget to go to your neighborhood caucus today,
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