Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My weekly video didn't seem to be attracting any sort of following, I started making it after having great success singing a little song for my grandkids, sharing it on Facebook.

Our Civil War started on this date in 1861, both sides expected it to be a short scrimmage. Robert E. Lee who had graduated from West Point and had a distinguished military career was offered the command of Lincoln's Union Army. His home was just outside Washington D.C., it was seized when he took command of the Southern troops and was turned into a cemetary for the North's war dead.

Have you been watching the PBS/ Ken Burns Civil War special?

My friend Mike ONeil is moving back home to Minnesota, you can say goodbye to him this Saturday at the Tap House on the 16th Street Mall, 5:30 pm

There are two great speakers at the Denver IDEA Cafe this Friday, and maybe a 3rd surprise speaker. Join us if you're starting in a new direction, and please share it with any of your friends who might appreciate a boost at the end of the week as they forge a new path.

Richard Oppenheim and the South Metro Chamber's Ken Wyble have started a monthly IDEA Cafe at the Koelbel Library, the next meeting is in May, you can get info about it at the above link, and a new IDEA Cafe will be starting in Boulder in May, watch here for detail.

If you'd like to start an IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop in cooperation with your local chamber of commerce or other group, please contact me for more information about the assistance that is available to help you get started through our new, free Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

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