Tuesday, September 06, 2011

558 W 5th, Loveland CO
 Labor Day, 1949 my parents, John and Jane Wren, moved into this house from Amarillo, Texas with me.

Mom and I visited the house again yesterday, it's improved considerably over the last 62 years in part because it is now part of an historic district.

It's made me wonder what is the difference between starting a business today and what it was like then, in those pre-Small Business Adminstration days.

Dad had bought a new car right after WWII and "flipped" it, then used the profit to build a new house which they sold to use as capital for the new business they started here in Colorado.

Dad was working for West Texas Wholesale company in Amarillo, selling non-food items to grocery stores in the Panhandle. A visit to my Uncle Jerry and Aunt Lillian had created the thought that they could do the same thing here in Colorado on their own, since Derby Market, a store in Loveland, wasn't stocking toothpaste, Rite dye, and the other items that were carried by West Texas.

I'll be forever grateful dad never had the "help" of a SCORE or SBA councilor. I'm sure they would have told him he was crazy for thinking he could make it on his own.

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