Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Startup Show, sponsored by our Small Business Chamber of Commerce, heard around the world on continues to improve each week. Doug Root, who attended one of the first IDEA Café Startup Workshops and was in the first Franklin Circle here in Denver with me, was scheduled to be our guest, there was a confusion about the time of the show, so he'll be with us next week, mark your calendar!

Since Doug wasn't with us I used the show to talk about how I see all my various activities tying together, and Corky Kyle came on in the third segment to talk about In the Lobby, his show about Colorado politics follows ours. To see a tape of the show, see

There was a big yawn from most people when Gov J-Hic signed and rejoiced about Pat Steadman's civil unions, they tried to make a big production out of it but from pictures I saw it was not well attended, the AP reporter who attended estimated there were 200 people. It amazed me that before, during, and after the signing #civilunions never trended on Twitter. Most of Colorado has been totally left out of having input on this.

That's why we are taking Holy Week to decide what to do with our Colorado Issue Committee. I'm the Registered Agent for and one way or the other we intend to bring about the recall of one of the legislators in the House who did not support referring the question of civil unions to Colorado voters. For more about our plan see our Facebook Page, and please consider joining us if you're not already involved in something else.

Here's the advertisement we are running in the Denver Post (click here) the recruit volunteer and contributions. Ad is very inexpensive, but let's us attach an hour and a half discussion about natural law. Click on the link, take a look, and then if you haven't already please join us. We'll be sending out our first newsletter on Monday.

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