Friday, June 28, 2013

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Tweeted this morning @IDEACafe and @JohnSWren :

What are you going to do Monday morning? Free startup workshops, various times, locations and online. 
Want help to start  IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop in cooperation with your local chamber or other group?    RT
Thanks in advance for any help forwarding these messages along to your family, friends, and associates who might be interested.How may we be of service to you? John S. Wren, MBA+, Founder & CEO, Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. or (303)861-1447
Other news:
(A media release will go out next Thursday, July 4 concerning these activities. Your input between now and then would be very helpful, especially ideas for the sponsorship opportunities in items #1, #3 (the tour of America), #5 (civic education) we may announce a major sponsor in the Thursday release.)
1.  The Startup Show, sponsored by your Small Business Chamber, is now a Google+ Hangout, each Monday 5 to 6 p.m. Mountain time. Go to YouTube or Google+ for live broadcasts or go to link on either or where a recording of the show will go up immediately after the broadcast. Sponsorship opportunities are available.
2.  Join confidential weekly startup group? Want to start a peer advisory group with your business associates? Young Ben Franklin formed a group with his friends, they met together for over 30 years. Franklin called it "the best school." For information Google "How to start a Franklin Circle." Online and in metro-Denver area, new Franklin Circles are now forming, contact us for more information.
3.  Your local chamber? We have had dozens of local chambers of commerce start following us on Twitter, checkout our followers on or @IDEACafe Be sure your local chamber is following us there if it would like to be considered as a stop on our tour, see #6 below. 
4.  What's your startup story? We are converting my little book on startup into a handbook for your Small Business Chamber of Commerce. We'd like your startup story to include in the book. For submission guidelines, see 
5.  Grassroots civic education. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce used to publish material for "The Action Class in Practical Politics." We are considering reviving it, at least in Colorado, for the 2014 election cycle that is just starting. See Sponsorship opportunities are available. 
6.  On the road. If there is enough interest and support, we are going to do a bus tour of America, planting new, free IDEA Cafe Startup Workshops and Franklin Circle Peer Advisory Groups. If you might be interested in sponsoring the roadshow and getting your information into the hands of local businesses across America, please contact me for more information. 
7.  News about your business? We'll announce it for free on The Startup Show. If you have an announcement about yourself or your business please post it on our Facebook Page, we'll read it The Startup Show Monday (for more about the show see Tweets at top of this page.) 
How may we be of service to you? John S. Wren, MBA+, Founder & CEO, Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. or (303)861-1447
This life is short, let's get started!

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