Saturday, June 21, 2014

Are we learning from video games?

Playing games are a good way to learn, according to this talk.

What's your opinion about this? More important, what is your experience? What games have you played that have helped you learn? What TV shows have you watched that helped you learn?

Click here for DU Video Cast:  Steven Berlin Johnson, popular science author and contributing editor to Wired magazine, discusses why every type of media is valuable to learning. Johnson contends for the notion that culture has risen to a new level of complexity versus the belief that the world is "dumbing down" because of technology and entertainment. He examines popular culture through cognitive exercise. He asks, "How does the interfaces of the web, tv, etc. that are apart of popular culture now and days compare to what it was like in 1977?" He asserts that there is a trend to more complexity and greater engagement, what he calls "The Sleeper Curve." Kids are learning despite themselves, and it provides a great opportunity. His talk highlights the benefits of games, participatory media, and books.

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