Thursday, November 06, 2014

Colorado's best networking opportunity.

Every two years neighbors gather across Colorado in 6000 or so small meetings to nominate to the primary election ballot. It's the best chance the common person to get his or her voice heard and to make a real difference. That's why so many of the rich and powerful hate the system.  Check it out:

Monday, November 03, 2014

DU Report Attacks Founder John Evans.

Gov. John Evans has always been admired in Colorado.

Newspaper reports about him while he was serving as our 2nd Governor were positive, as were those after he served in office.

Mt. Evans, viewed from Denver the most prominent front range mountain, Evans Avenue a major Denver street were named in his honor.

Now history is being rewritten.

This is part of an effort to destroy the concept of the exceptionalism of the United States, the attack on Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, so at least Evans is in good company.

Those who don't remember history may repeat it. But those who live in it are doomed.

As a graduate of the University of Denver, being part Indian myself (1/32 Cherokee), I hope those on the other side of the Sand Creek Battle, as it is called on the monument to Colorado Civil War Battles on the west side of the Colorado Capital, will be listened to when they respond to this report.

Let's make sure this is the beginning of another round of an intellectual battle and not a massacre where any difference of opinion is seen as being a hater.

John Evans was a Quaker who was the founder of two major universities that continue today. You'd think they would at least honor his memory and allow free, open debate about his life and times...

See link to DU report below on previous post.

New Gov John Evans Report Released by University of Denver