Sunday, October 02, 2016

Does it hurt business to express support for a political candidate?

Coming here soon, the latest research into this question. In our pluralistic society gave we now gone to the politically correct extream of demanding neutrality in politics? Colleges are being accused of trying to stifle political debate  on controversial issues. The conventional wisdom has been that in business the topics of politics and religion should be avoided. Is this no longer true today?

I'll post my thoughts on this topic here over the next week or so as I attend Socrates Cafes here in the metro-Denver area as I gather information and clarify my thinking.

You are welcome to post your thoughts here as a comment now or give me a call if you want to influence my thinking as I try and be as open minded as possible. And it would be great if you'd join me at a Denver Socrates Cafe this week, see 

John Wren

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