Monday, August 22, 2016

Powerful forces again at work to kill the Colorado Caucus.

Photo: Denver Post
Citizens in Colorado have loved the Colorado Caucus since it was instituted by Gov John Shafroth and the Colorado legislature as a package of progressive reforms in August of 1912.

Extremely poor leadership at the top of both major political parties and perhaps poor performance by others who had a major impact on them led to the fiasco of this past March 1 edition.

It would be a big big mistake to pass any reforms suggested in the Colorado political system until after the November elections.

The metro-Denver Chamber of Commerce has pushed through a ballot initiative that would create major havoc  and if you are a member of the Denver Chamber please call me (303)861-1447, I'm doing an article about what happened to take the Denver Chamber so far off track.

Powerful forces have tried to kill the Colorado Caucus ever since it was first used in an election back in 1914, but they have never prevailed. That's because Colorado citizens who care realize our hyper-local approach to neighborhood power puts the rank and file in charge of party leadership, and it empowers the average, ordinary person to serve in elected public office, something that's almost impossible without a strong caucus-assembly system.

For these reason with the help of a political consultant who I've hired myself I've been steering your Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. in a direction that will preserve the Colorado Caucus. In this past legislative session Save the Caucus, a registered Colorado political committee was formed, and we were able to help kill legislation in the House and Senate that would have killed the Caucus.

In addition Save the Caucus recommended that one of the sponsors of the Caucus killing legislation Tim Dore not be reelected and he was defeated 70% to 30%.

The Small Business Chamber is now considering ways to respond to the misguided ballot initiatives that will kill the Caucus, Initiatives 140 and 98 (click here). The result of this consideration is the new Caucus Clubs, an organizational meeting will be held a week from tomorrow, for more details and to rsvp for the organizational meeting see our Caucus Clubs site (click here.)