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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Teach for us!

Wren College
of the American Dream for Independent Social Learners.
Our Students: Practice, Teach, Start a group, Write a book.
A Project of the Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
1881 Buchtel Blvd., #501, Denver, CO 80210 (720)495-4949
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Teach for us! For more see

Wren College Wants a Learning Campus in Every Neighborhood.
“Experience since 9/11 has helped us discover that adults learn best by being the teacher.”

Wren College is a project of the Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. It is dedicated to the memory of Randy Wren. For more information call Wren College at (720)495-4949 or see (link above.)

Randy Wren, John Wren’s younger brother, died from a sudden heart attack July 10, 2017 in the lobby of his apartment building. His full obituary may be seen on the website of the Villager Newspaper or via one of the links to it on 

At the reception after his brother’s funeral at Denver’s St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church John Wren said, “Wren College is the culmination of my work of the last 20 years dedicated to the strengthening of the grassroots in business and politics with the support and encouragement of Randy. He and our after-Easter Jesus will be my companions in its over-due launch.

“I will enlist the help and support of each and everyone of the 35 Colorado State Senators in this effort. The first step will be a tour of the state to speak to the grassroots in each of the 35 Senatorial districts, and I hope each of the Senators will join me. Any who are not against Wren College and preserving the memory of Randy will be considered to be with us."


John Wren is the founder and President of the Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. which works to cooperate with local community newspapers to strengthen the grassroots in business and politics. The group has formed and facilitated free, independent self-directed learning groups since the Friday after 9/11, and it has formed Wren College with the intention of helping other towns and cities to do the same. For more contact Wren or (720)495-4949.

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