Friday, January 05, 2018

Startup Show at noon today!

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Today on the startup show: self-directed learning as a tool for
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Probate Courts

I'm forming a community of practice to dialogue about the probate process. Two brothers I know well have been drawn into a ridiculous legal battle that has  resulted in each of them paying lawyers some $250,000 I'm told. My brother Randy dying without a will has resulted in a similar situation that has the potential of the same sort of thing, a concern that is not at all frivolous or trivial. Others have shared their probate court nightmares with me.

I'm calling the University of Denver law school and a couple of academic departments to find students who might be interested. I will bring this up as a topic at our Socrates Cafe at the University of Denver tomorrow (Saturday, 1-6) which is free and open to everyone, you reading this now would be welcome to join us. For the last couple of years we've been meeting in Anderson Academic Commons (was Penrose Library), more info about it and other metro-Denver Socrates Cafes at  

Pot and politics.

What do you think? Is pot ok? My views here later.

I'll be suggesting a related topic at Socrates Cafe in LoDo this evening: how do we individually and as a society make decisions regarding what's healthy and what is not healthy. Have health concerns and fitness centers become our religion? If so, what is the accepted dogma?

Usually a good discussion, 6 p.m. at Panera Bread LoDo, more at about this evening (Fri, 1-5) and our other metro-Denver Socrates Cafes. Join us!

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

New! Free! Better Online Franklin Circle.

A new Better Online Franklin Circle (click here) is now forming. Join Better, the new app, by clicking to the left, if you like it join (it's free) and check out our new Better Online Franklin Circle and consider co-leading or joining!

Want free help? See my new offer on Linked In Profile (click here).

The SBCC (Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc click here) Join us! We offer real help from real people to business owners, entrepreneurs,  consultants, accountants, and lawyers who want to find their first or  next great customer.

The SBCC Method is comprised of  7 Practices: Recover, Imagine, Think, Learn; to Start, Grow, and Flourish. 

Contact me if you want to start a new hyper-local SBCC branch office in your neighborhood to help your neighbors start new careers, new projects or campaigns, and new businesses.

The first step towards opening a new branch office is for you to take an hour or so and read my little book Daring Mighty Things, available to down load right now on Amazon (click here.)

Then attend a free meeting in Denver, and if you like it we will give you free help to start a SBCC group in cooperation with your local community newspaper, local bank, association and service club or other group offering a free monthly IDEA Cafe (Imagine); free Socrates Cafe (Think); and Franklin Circles (Learn.) 

More info and optional rsvp (walk-ins welcome) at (click here) 

If you have questions call me right now while it's on your mind. Leave a complete confidential message, I'll have a volunteer get back to you ASAP. Call now, I'd hate for us to miss this opportunity to work together.  (720)495-4949