Friday, October 12, 2018

Startup Show Mentions Today.

Below are items that were mentioned on today's Startup Show, which you can still see if you "Visit Group" on and join us. I suggest you check it out first or these cryptic notes may not mean much to you.

The Startup Show is looking for sponsors, call me if you might be interested. (303)861-1447 For now I'm the only source of money for what we are doing, it's been a decades long labor of love. More about my alt-ego, the Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc at

Also see and for more information about the free meetings here in Denver. 5280 Magazine has said they have "infused Denver with an entrepreneurial spirit," and I'd like to help you and your local chamber do the same thing.

A new group we are trying is the Speakers Corner Dialogue Group, it's each Wednesday morning at 10:30 a.m., next week we hear from one of the statewide candidates, join us if you can! where you'll also info about our two Faculty Club meetings.

This is the issue I mentioned on the startup show today as a way to meet new people. Check it out:

TAX PLAN ENDORSED BY MILTON FRIEDMAN: Progress and Poverty: Full and Fine Text of 1880 Edition (Illustrated) by Henry George. via @amazon

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