Friday, November 02, 2018

What do you think?

Join us for Socrates Cafe, it's free and everyone is welcome.

We choose a topic, share our thoughts, ask each other questions, it's a lot of fun and I personally think it's a good way to practice listening, speaking, and critical thinking skills.

More info and optional rsvp (walk-ins are always welcome) at check it out!

PLEASE share this with your social media friends. You never know who might really like to know about tonight's meeting. If they appreciate your sharing they will thank you and so will I if you'll let me know what you've done.

How may I help you?


John S. Wren, MBA+
Founder and President,
Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
IDEA Cafes*Socrates Cafes*Franklin Circles 

SBCC Startup Method-- the Practices of: Recover, Imagine, Think, Learn; to Start, Grow, Flourish. Socrates Cafe Society is another project of the Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

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