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Friday, December 21, 2018

  Life’s Short, Start Now!

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December, 2018  

To: People starting a new career, a new project or campaign, or a new business.

From: John Wren

Since 1979 the work I’ve done has been focused on startup. 5280 Magazine says I’ve “infused Denver with an entrepreneurial spirit.” Here is the radically different startup method that has resulted from that experience: 

SBCC method— 4 practices.

A Practice is a particular skill that is continually improved by experience.

It’s like the old joke, “how do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Practice, practice, practice.

Over the last 20+ years I’ve observed that those who do well, whether as an employee inside a corporation, as a business owner, or as  a professional  have in common these practices:

    1. Recover.
    2. Inspire.
    3. Think.
    4. Learn
    5. Your industry practice: Law, Selling, Plumbing, etc.

The 4 Phases of Startup.

My little book, “Daring Mighty Things, The Simplest Way to Start Your First (or Next) New Business,” focuses on the 4 Phases of Startup:
    1. Decide.
    2. Prepare.
    3. Start.
    4. Grow.

Not just for new businesses. All can benefit from the 4 practices. of our SBCC method.

My little book is available for you right now on Amazon,  paper back or download the Kindle edition now for only 99-cents,

On search for “John Wren Daring Mighty Things.”

If you read the book and ask a question on the Startup Show I give you much more than the very, very short replies to what I’m asked on Quora, and your question and my answer might be in my next book.

Startup Show live at 10 each morning “Visit Group” at  Free to join

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