Saturday, October 06, 2018

Philosophy for CEOs, Startups and Serial Killers.

Socrates Cafe this evening at the University of Denver was excellent. Topic was Jung's idea that if we don't deal with the unconcious mind, we will never escape the shadow side of life.

Serial Killers? We may start including that in the title of the group, which is now "Socrates Cafe: Philosophy for CEOs, Startups, and Other Pioneers." Why the change?

Check out Netflix "MindHunters" if you haven't seen it already and you will understand. True story of FBI agents profiling serial killers who are joined by a psychologist who reads some of their interviews and realizes they fit the profile of the group she studies, CEOs. Really.

Join Julie Monday evening for the new Socrates Cafe near the Tech Center in the Castlewood Library, I'll be at the Englewood Library Tuesday evening, check them and others out at 

Jordan Peterson is here in Denver tomorrow. Amazingly it is not sold out as is the usual case at all his talks, and I've not seen any advertising. I just Tweeted President Trump, suggested he join Peterson on the stage tomorrow. We'll see.

I'll post my reaction to what Peterson shares tomorrow right here and on the Startup Show. Have a blessed Sunday. +++

RIP Sally

One of the kindest, most caring people I've ever met. God bless Sally.
Memorial service at Hudson Gardens this morning, I just couldn't do it.
I'd changed an appointment to make time, but just too sad.