Thursday, June 20, 2019

"What's wrong with football."

I just heard George Will say, "what's wrong with football, among many other things... " see today's interview.

This is a topic that's been on my mind as my grandsons get interested and involved with sports.

So I just Googled "George Will What's Wrong Football" and here are a few of his words of wisdom on the topic:

"For all players who play five or more years, life expectancy is less than 60; for linemen it is much less."  Aug 3, 2012 

"Today's risk-averse middle-class parents put crash helmets on their tykes riding tricycles, football participation will skew to the uninformed and economically desperate." Sept 1, 2017 


Why baseball and not football is the national passtime:

"The human body is not built for football."

“You Americans do not rear children, you incite them; you give them food and shelter and applause.” — Randall Jarrell, “Pictures from an Institution”

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