Sunday, November 24, 2019

Want to start? Pivot? Stop? Listen to 1) PAYG, 2) YouTube, 3) Facebook. Then call me!

My next post here on will be a love letter, here's why:

I've been working on what I'm doing now (SBCC, Socrates Cafe, OODA Cafe, Franklin Circles, etc. etc.) since November 15, 1979 when pop died. 

 Next to Pop's death the 3rd biggest event in my life, other than Janet and I marrying in 1967 and the births and lives of our 4 kids, happened the Monday before Thanksgiving in 1964, I'll tell you more in my next post here, I'm about to write a love letter inspired just now as I did these 3 things below I've share with you on Facebook.

Would you help me? If you take what I've posted below seriously and actually do the 3 things that are suggested yourself, I'd be very, very interested in the results you might obtain. PLEASE call me or see me at one of our free SBCC meetings and let me know if you'd rate the below 3-steps on Rotten Tomatoes, if it's a 9 or 10 let me know with your comment here, otherwise call or email your rating and suggestions to me, ok? John Wren 

Now I'm going to start the love letter...

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