Thursday, September 22, 2022

PBS NewsHour interview: The Divider.

"Simplify, simplify." Henry David Thoreau

 If you could only use a very minimum of apps or social media, programs etc for your personal use (not business) would that include Facebook, yes or no, and what else would be on your "I have to have" list.

For me, yes, MAC Pages, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Meetup, and Blogspot and all of Google, now that I think of it.

How about you? Post as comment here or leave on voicemail (303)861-1447.

Thanks!  Could be a topic for some Socrates Cafe, but only if you rsvp for the date you want and then call me to confirm. 

Day 4-- Become fluent with the Internet: Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook., "Help us strengthen the voice of the common person.": Day 4, #RUN2WIN2024

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Monday, September 19, 2022

Day 2, Run to Win Daily Email. PLEASE SHARE

 NEW! This is the 2nd day for a post by 12 noon Denver time on Check it out:, "Help us strengthen the voice of the common person."

Our focus is to organize a Socrates Cafe in each state and then in many of it's neighborhoods, starting with a school, college, and public library. Call us about how we can help you start a new Socrates Cafe in your state and/or local precinct. More info and rsvp on our Meetup site, check it out: and call (303)861-1447