Tuesday, May 23, 2023

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I'm going to Zoom workshop this week, and the attendee questionnaire asked me to say what was I proudest of doing in my work life. It made me realize I hadn't talked about that here or anywhere else for a while, it wasn't just me, of course, good accomplishments. Two people who didn't get nearly the credit they deserved were Phil Perington and Ruth Prendergast. I am proudest of the small part I played in "Save the Caucus" a campaign aimed at preserving the Colorado Caucus system in 2001.

In Colorado, the caucus system is a grassroots method of selecting candidates for political parties. It involves holding meetings at the neighborhood level, where participants discuss and vote on candidates for various offices. The system was established to encourage citizen involvement in the political process.

During the 2001 election, Amendment 29 was proposed, which sought to eliminate or modify the Colorado Caucus system. The SAVE THE CAUCUS COMMITTEE organized the "Save the Caucus" campaign to oppose this amendment. Despite being significantly outspent, with Bighorn Institute reportedly spending $800,000 compared to SAVE THE CAUCUS' $7,800, the campaign was successful in defeating Amendment 29.

"Save the Caucus" prevailed in preserving the Colorado Caucus system, and the amendment did not pass. This campaign serves as an example of grassroots activism and citizen engagement in preserving a particular political process.

For more detailed information, I encourage you to refer to the Wikipedia article on the Colorado Caucus for a comprehensive overview of the topic.

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