Monday, October 11, 2004

A physician proposes a solution for the excessive use of alcohol on Colorado's university campusesRocky Mountain News: Opinion: "Treatment must start early and intensively in the academic year. It must focus on the population most at risk: freshman and sophomores. But rather than tinkering with the content of courses, the serious changes would be these: Move up both the timing of the initial assessment of students, and hold students accountable for their performance.
We are creatures who focus on short-term consequences. The game is lost if we wait until mid-terms to introduce a survival ethos. Launch the testing and grading process in the first two weeks. Make it clear - make it unmistakable - that there will be consequences and accountability.
Send the early grades to the student's parents. No doctor would wait until the patient was ready to leave the hospital before giving the family a progress report. Every freshman student should have a faculty adviser, and those assuming the burdens of this job should include the president and vice- presidents, chancellor and vice-chancellors."

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