Tuesday, October 12, 2004

REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT AND GENERAL TOMMY FRANKS AT A VICTORY 2004 RALLY October 11, 2004 Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater Morrison, Colorado

GENERAL FRANKS: Thank you. What an absolute honor to be here in this beautiful, beautiful place. And, you know, I guess I'd have to say,from the level of enthusiasm that you people are showing right now, I think victory is headed our way. (Applause.)

And I am so honored to introduce my former boss, President George W.Bush. (Applause.) You know, George W. Bush is the real thing.(Applause.) I have seen this President close in his eyes when it was notconvenient to be the President of the United States. I have seen thisPresident, this Commander-in-Chief, when the nights were long and themornings were early and the decisions to be made were hard. And you knowwhat I saw? I saw character, I saw courage and I saw consistency.(Applause.)

I saw the character that is necessary. I saw the character in hiseyes that is necessary not to tie, but to win against the terrorists.(Applause.) And ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, this is goingto be a close election, and every vote matters. And it matters more to young men and women who wear the uniform of service of our country.(Applause.) It means more to them then at any point in my lifetime. And I will do everything I can to be sure that the Commander-in-Chief who is giving the orders to our sons and daughters is the Commander-in-Chief we have enjoyed over three tough years in this country, and that's George W.Bush. (Applause.)

It is my honor and it is my privilege to introduce the next Presidentof the United States, George W. Bush. (Applause.)

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all for coming. (Applause.) Thank you all for being here. (Applause.) Go ahead and be seated. (Applause.) Thanks for coming; it's nice to be in a part of the world where the cowboy hatsoutnumber the ties. (Applause.)

Tommy and I were both raised in Midland, Texas. He went to AlamoJunior High, and I went to San Jacinto Junior High. So we're standinghere, and he says to me, this doesn't look like where we were raised.(Laughter.) What a beautiful part of the world. Thanks for coming out to say hello. (Applause.)

I've come back to this beautiful part of our country to ask for the vote. (Applause.) And I'm here -- I'm here to ask for your help, as well. We're getting close to voting time here in America. And I'm asking you toget your friends and neighbors to go to the polls. I'm asking you to find people from all walks of life to vote. As you get people to go to the polls, don't overlook discerning Democrats. (Laughter.) Like you, they want a safer America, a stronger America, and a better America.(Applause.) There is no doubt with your help, we'll carry Colorado again and win a great victory in November. (Applause.)

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