Monday, September 04, 2006

This article appeared in today's New York Times. After reading it, I set up an article, "How to Start a Franklin Circle." Please take a look and edit/add to it, OK?

I'm going to use a print out of this as the hand out at the talk I'm giving tomorrow evening (Tuesday, 9/5, 7pm) at the Parker Kiwanis Club. If you'd like to attend, call Gay at (303)748-1144 for more info about the club.

Here's the NYT article:

Every day, millions of people find answers on Wikipedia to questions both trivial and serious. Jack Herrick found his business model there.

In 2004, Mr. Herrick acquired the how-to guide, which featured articles written by paid freelance writers. Although the business made a profit, he realized that the revenue brought in by selling advertising would not support the extensive site he had in mind. “If the page were about how to get a mortgage, it would work,” he said. “But the idea was to be the how-to guide to everything.”

So in January 2005 he started wikiHow, a how-to guide built on the same open-source software as Wikipedia, which lets anyone write and edit entries in a collaborative system. To his surprise he found that many of the entries generated by Internet users — free — were more informative than those written by freelancers.

“Wikipedia proved you could get there with another method,” Mr. Herrick said. Several months ago he sold eHow to focus on the new site, which now has 10,000 entries in English, Spanish and German.

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