Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yesterday I asked: Should I keep posting to this blog? Are you willing to help turn it into a dialog by posting your comments from time to time?

Thanks to everyone who sent me your comments. If you have any further thoughts today, please post them here as comments or email them to me at Again, I'll be glad to keep what you email me confidential or anonymous if you'll let me know that is what you want.

Saturday I plan on posting any further responses, and to write about my blogging experiement of the last two years and my decision about what to do here in the future.

Here are some of the responses from yesterday, a few others can be seen in the "Comments" at the bottom of yesterday's post.

John: I'm not in to blogging. I appreciate your efforts but it isn't my thing. David

Hi John,
I think you have a very worthwhile blog- certainly the first I've heard of mashups which was very fascinating..

I posted a comment to the David Brooks excerpt, however the only reason I was able to post was because I already have a blogspot account. It might be time consuming and less likely that site visitor's or folks on your e-mail list would set up either a blogspot or Google account in order log in to be able to comment. I would loosen the restrictions on comments and make them unmoderated (i.e. you don't have to approve them). You still can delete anything offensive or unfair (trolls or flamers) while making it easier for your list to dialogue with you.
Harv Bishop

Good morning,
I recieved your e-mail asking my opinion of your
e-journal. For me, it's too much info. My favorite
thing you have done is your weekly newsletter that
just lets people know where you will be and what you
will be doing. Its great to get an e-mail once a week
that lets me about the meetings in a short,
informative way. Its nice to know what you are doing
and where I can meet you if I have the time. The other
is to wordy. If an e-mail takes longer that 3 minutes
to read, or comes too frequently I tend to delete it.
I don't tend to search out blogs. Again, too much info
and too much time to use.
You are doing great work. Do not be weary in well
doing. What you do matters to a lot of people!
I love you! –Regan (my daughter)

My gut feeling is this (take it or leave it):

If you are blogging for others, then you are missing the opportunity for it to be a tool for your own personal advancement. You are SO SMART and have so much knowledge, and the rest of us should be very grateful that you share it with us. But the world is so busy and there are so much input for all directions, that it is often difficult to get to all the things that we should. Your few minutes every morning might be more productive for you if you were journaling for yourself with expectation of only your own comments and in pursuit of your own happiness... It isn't that people don't care about you and what you have to say, and it is not that what you say is a "waste of time." It is only that you are one voice among many.

It has been my opinion for several years now that with all of the "cyber" input, the best way to start a dialogue is face-to-face. That is why I enjoyed your Idea Cafe so much.

Mari Christie

While I may never read your postings or comment on them, I would encourage you to continue on in a fashion that time allows you.

I post a monthly Updates and Musings column to my web site. Don’t know if many read it, or if anyone does (actually, I know a few people do). (

My satisfaction comes from having a forum that is mine. I can speak my mind (to a point, this is after all my business site so I do refrain from getting too political or delving into social issues too much). It’s a place for me, and that I think is important.
John Grein
JAG Computer Service

I have not accessed your blog and probably would not at this time. The quality is quite good and I like your topics, but I have a lot of stuff to respond to online, especially since I am now teaching online for U of Phoenix.

Good luck with whatever decision you make. Your persistence is admirable.




I took a quick look your Blog. My candid answers to your querys:

Q: Should I keep posting to this blog?
A: Keep it if it brings you joy, or serves some other need / function for you. Don't quit or keep it because of what others say or do.

Q: Will you ever come back?
A: Probably not regularly, unless reminded by you in an emial, and only if it routinely helped my life in some way, and then only briefly.

Q: Will you ever comment on the posts so it turns into a dialog?
A: Probably not.

Q: Why or why not?
A: My time is very limited, and it is too time consuming to share my thoughts via keystroking, and I suspect that my entries would serve no purpose.

Sorry, I bet you wanted to hear something else.

You can post my comments on tomorrow's edition or not.

Talk to you soon.


If you aren’t getting the response you desire, then stop 


Keep it current...use infor pertinent to our American Freedoms.

Judy Williams, Liberty Day

John - I applaud your good work. Regrettably, I get so many e-mails every day (business related and non-spam, usually more than 40), I can hardly keep up with the crucial stuff. I rarely seem to have extra time for the interesting stuff that comes my way. I've only looked at your blog once and found it interesting. But, I just don't have time to peruse it on a more regular basis. Sorry. Christine Burtt

Hey, John,
I just don't do any blogs .... I don't have time to prioritize all the stuff I'd like to do, and blogs just didn't make it to the top of my list. I think they're a great idea, especially when surrounding something folks can be passionate about, but in general, I don't know how successful they are.

Whatever you do, I wish you the best of luck with your decision.

On a separate note, the RVC Fall Finance Forum is coming on November 14. I would love it if you could help us get the word out. Here's the link:


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