Friday, December 08, 2006

Eve and Mary are the models of the right way and the wrong way to start a new project, business, campaign or career.

Eve listened to the snake and ate from the Tree of Knowledge. This is the SBA approach to startup, the venture capital model, formal market research and strategic planning. Dr. Amar Bhide has found that successful businesses just don't start this way.

Mary was inspired and said yes to the birth of Jesus. This is the aha! of startup, the I in our IDEA model. For more see

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Monday, December 04, 2006

…the baby boom generation… is expected to reshape the way Americans think of retirement. Many will seek re-education over the next few years as they retool to take on second careers.

A 2005 survey conducted for Merrill Lynch by Harris Interactive found that 76 percent of baby boomers plan to keep working and earning in retirement.

"As a result of living longer, this generation plans to be 'younger' longer and work longer. Most boomers will stop working for pay and retire in the traditional sense at some point. However, that phase is more likely to begin in the late 60s, than at age 60 or 65," according to the study.

From: Denver Post Article Today (12/4/06): Baby Boomers Rething Retirement

Merrill Lynch Retirement Study