Thursday, March 29, 2007

I just sent out this email:

((Please forward along to anyone on your email list
who cares about Denver. Thanks! John))

Starting something new?
Join us for the IDEA Cafe this Friday, 2 p.m.
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This week we'll brainstorm how to best run a write-in
campaign for Mayor (see letter below.)

Dear Friend,

I believe we need to start an Internet campaign to recruit write-in candidates for Mayor of Denver.

Have you read The Long Tail? The Internet has changed the distribution of sales per item, so that best-sellers are now outsold by the combined sales of the long tail of
all the other items. See

If we get enought people encouraging friends and neighbors to write them in for Mayor, I think that long tail could force a run-off election and we could free ourselves from J-Hic.

Here's what started me thinking about this:

A couple of days ago I floated the idea of an "Anyone but J-Hic" campaign. This
was triggered by Mayor John's arrogance or ignorance on the Mike Rosen show
last Friday when I called in and asked him about the problems with the
Denver Art Museum. You can listen to the March 23 show at

In the interview the Mayor gives the impression that attendance and everything else at the DAM is just fine. He is either totally uninformed or a liar, and I'm not sure which is worse!

On March 23 a staff meeting was held at the DAM announcing massive layoffs because
of the very poor attendance and the construction problems which have created an
additional $3million loss since the opening of the new addition.

I sent out a couple of emails about this idea of an Anyone but J-Hic to a few friends and a copy got to Fred Brown at the Denver Post. He called me and told me he'll be writing about it in Sunday's paper. Here's a copy of his email to me:

I left a message on your phone. I'm thinking about writing about your ABJH campaign for this coming Sunday. But I seem to have lost the first e-mail -- the one about problems at the DAM addition. Could your resend it? Thanks.

Fred Brown

We will be discussing the ABJH at the IDEA Cafe this Friday, and brainstorming ways someone could become Mayor of Denver through a write-in campaign as word about the Mayor's performance on the Rosen show spreads. (listen to it now by clicking on the above link.)

Lot's of people are dissatisfied with the performance of the Mayor, but the media love-fest with him has allowed him to skate around that dissatisfaction. But the fact is he was responsible for the poor job done last fall with the elections, the poor job done with snow removal, the poor job being done with the homeless, the poor job being done with the jail and the new Justice Center.

Then here in this morning's paper is another reason to mount a campaign to energize
Denver voters:

Another Denver election glitch
By The Denver Post Editorial Board
Article Last Updated: 03/28/2007 08:05:26 PM MDT

Perhaps it's time for Denver civic leaders to take to the airwaves with a message targeting citizens who might miss the May 1 city election.

More than 100,000 Denver residents have been classified as "inactive" voters because they didn't vote in the November or January elections. That doesn't mean they can't vote in the May election - but it does mean they won't receive ballots for the all-mail election unless they request them.

Also in this morning's Post is this, documenting the decline of
what was once our beautiful city:

Letter to the Editor in the Denver Post this morning,
talking about the graffiti problem and general condition of the city:

It (Denver) has gotten worse over the past four or five years, and the city is looking more run-down in general.
J.B. Reed, Denver


Here is the email I sent out to friends on Monday that got this all started:

Hi Hugh, John, Walt, Tom, Tim, Mary,
and members of the New Denver Republican Meetup--

Would you or someone you know like to be Denver's next Mayor?

There are big, big problems in Denver that are not being discussed.

Here is just one example:

I called in to the Mike Rosen show Friday when Mayor J-Hic was a guest. I asked him what he thought about all the problems at the Denver Art Museum. He said on the air that there are no problems, that attendance is ahead of projections, and that there are just some minor leaks around the skylights, no big problem with the roof.

I have a friend who works for the DAM (the DAM staff calls it Dan's Architectural Misfire) and he said that there was a staff meeting Friday announcing massive staff cuts because they are an additional $3 million in the red since the opening of the new addition because of the very, very poor attendance and all the problems with the construction. The ice damage to the roof is so profound it may have to be torn off and replaced, the marble floor is coming apart, etc.

J-Hic is either a liar of totally naive, I'm not sure which is worse.

What do you think about raising money for a write-in campaign like they had in California? Did you see the Jay Leno show where all the candidates were invited?

Here's the ballot for the May election in Denver:
Click here:

What do you think of this idea? Let's start an "Anyone but J-Hic" campaign to encourage write-in campaigns for Mayor. Every write-in vote would be a vote taken away from J-Hic, might allow GOP in Denver to unite behind one write-in candidate (you?) and win or at least force a run-off. I think this is what happened with Schwarzenegger in CA after the recall was successful.

Please let me know what you think of this via return email to me, and please forward this along to anyone else you know who might be interested.


I got several encouraging responses to the small batch of emails. Here is a sample with my response:

Even if a recall isn't successful, it could have the effect of alerting
people to alternatives.

How can I help?

My response:

Right now you could write a letter to the editor of the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News, call into radio talk shows and talk up the idea, and RSVP to join us at the next New Denver Republican Meetup, making comments about the write-in effort in your RSVP.
Also, please forward the email I sent you along to your online friends and associates, covering
it with your letter to the editor, encouraging them to consider running, campaigning for someone who decides to run, and also encouraging them to pass the email along!

Very glad you are with us in this. Together, we can get Denver back!

John Wren


Please consider joining us for the IDEA Cafe this Friday where we will be brainstorming ways to make this Anyone but J-Hic idea into a reality over the next few days, or email me your thoughts and I'll share them at the meeting. To RSVP for the IDEA Cafe, go to

Also, please forward this along to any of your friends who might be interested in helping.

This weekend I'll be talking with lots of people and making a decision about whether to go ahead with this full steam and make a formal announcement at a news conference.

Together we can get Denver back into the hands of competent leadership!
Thanks for your help!

John Wren


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Any campaign with a slogan like
    "Anybody but N" is insensible.

    There are almost always candidates that will be much much worse than N.

    The slogan conveys to general public only the idea that campaigners are lacking a well thought out and balanced position.

  2. I agree. So who? Seems to me and Anyone but J-Hic campaign would bring the right person up on the scope, we could all get behind him or her.

    Can you join us for the IDEA Cafe this afternoon? 2 p.m. at Panera Bread, 13th & Grant near the Colorado State Captital.

    We'll be brainstorming the idea of a seminar or special report "How to run for Mayor of Denver as a write-in candidate." RSVP at or just show up, no one will be turned away.

    John Wren

  3. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Even if "Anyone by J-Hic campaign" would bring the right person up on the scope, he/she would be perceived and defined as just someone who is not "J-Hic". It might be a better idea to find a person who would be an excellent Mayor on his/her own merit, not by contrast to J-Hic.

    If a candidate is presented as a person who can handle such and such vital to Denver problems, then the tone and context of the campaign , would likely to attract broader audiences.


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